Touring Haunted London

London is a big city, meaning there will be plenty of ghost tours and walks to enjoy when paying a visit to this exciting destination. You never know what you will encounter when the night sets, and there are several companies ready and willing to show you the ropes. In this article, we will explore a few tours as well as additional haunted sites to explore on your own.


For starters, there is the City Ghost Walk, which is held on every Sunday at 7.30pm, which departs from Blackfriars Tube Ticket Hall. This is the perfect time to enjoy an outing that allows you to discover a host of notable deaths, as well as have a chance to explore a former execution site in the city. Tour participants will weave in and out of alleyways, gravesites, and other interesting stops. Sometimes, you may even visit a haunted pub where you can sit a spell and enjoy a local brew. No reservation is needed to enjoy this walk, which costs from £3.50 to £4.50 (depending on the number in your party).


While there are many who claim to be the best in what they do, few will have the pleasure of calling themselves an original of something. The Original London Ghost Walk has laid claim on being the first, as well as the best in the city. The company offers a Ghost Walk, as well as a Jack the Ripper Tour. Three different ghost walks are offered, which includes a joyous round of storytelling. With their Jack the Ripper Tour, they state they are the only company to display Victorian photos of the same streets and murder sites that took place in 1888.


Jack the Ripper tours are rather popular in the area. Ripping Yarns Ltd offers a tour that departs each night at 6:45pm from the Tower Hill Underground Station. Some who have experienced this walk will say that they have even encountered a different twist than other offerings. Who knows? Is someone lurking in the shadows to give you a good scare? To explore the East London area, adults are charged £5 with student fees at £4.


In London, there are plenty of haunted sites to explore without the help of a guide. Depending on the type of building or attraction it may be, numerous hotels, houses, and cemeteries are known to carry a scary tale or two. Locations about town from old church buildings to Heathrow Airport exist. Below are a few places to consider visiting for a nice paranormal adventure.


Old Club UK: A man who appears as a white form surrounded by mist is said to haunt this location. Once, a few clubbers took a photo where his image appeared. It is said that the ghost comes from a sweat shop that was established during the early 1900s. As a victim of exhaustion, the ghost remains tied to the area.

Queens House: In Greenwich, the Queens House was situated in the southeastern part of London. Today, the site is part of the National Maritime Museum and is said to serve as a home to several different ghosts, including one nicknamed, “The Lady in Gray.”

Hampton Court Palace: During the mid-1500s, one of Henry VIII’s wives was help captive at this site (Catherine Howard). After escaping to beg for her life, she was executed shortly after. It is believed that her ghostly shrieks can still be heard on the premises.

Heathrow Airport: If you fly into this airport, they probably don’t advertise the ghost of Dick Turpin, which is said to haunt the area since the 1700s. Hung in the vicinity, it is said he appears in British-Colonial clothes riding on top of a brown horse.