Ultrasound Ghost Photography

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It’s a shocking scenario, and it’s one some parents never think they’ll ever have to deal with.  In the late stages of pregnancy, an expecting mother is brought in for an ultrasound.  Everything goes well, and the parent is informed that the baby will have no complications, but then as a photograph is printed out someone points to something unusual off to the side.  Someone inevitably asks what they’re looking at and the parents look to one another as they see a mysterious face floating in the amniotic fluid unrelated to their baby.

It’s something many parents have had to deal with from time to time.  Often chalked up to mere coincidence, many are troubled by the idea of an image of a man or woman appearing watching over their baby while others are comforted by it upon remembering deceased relatives who may be looking over their child or even a religious figure.  Images have come out that bear a resemblance to several aspects of history, religion, and popular culture.  An example came shortly after the death of Michael Jackson when the recently deceased pop star made an appearance once again.  The parents and the nurse were all startled when the iconic image of Michael Jackson was seen smiling over their baby before it was even born.  Given the amount of attention given to the pop star’s death the news quickly spread like wildfire across the internet.

Another incident involved an image of Christ appearing in the womb of a mother who was expecting to give birth to her own child.  As the image appeared looking over the child she chalked it up to simulacra as neither she nor her husband were particularly religious.

Simulacra is the phenomenon by which a collection of seemingly unrelated parts make up a distinct and many say unmistakable image that is easily recognized by people.  The simulacrum in the case of ultrasounds is often as extreme as the ability of the viewer to interpret symbols into a distinct form.  Everything from the controversial face on Mars to the formation of clouds into various forms are chalked up to the phenomenon of simulacra.  But could such stunning images all be nothing more than a simple matter of interpretation?

And it’s not only faces that are often seen in these images.  They can range in form several ways from the appearance of an angel complete with wings and hands outstretched to symbols that according to the interpreter can take the form of letters or numbers, even on rare occasions forming words.  These letters and words are sometimes even used in predicting the birthday of the child or used as a foundation to choose a name.  But there is one other possibility.  What if these figures are actually a means of expression for paranormal entities?  Is it impossible if a ghost can appear in a photograph of a dusty passageway that they could also appear within even our own bodies?