User Experience With Mary Worth “Bloody Mary”

One day me and my niece, amanda, heard about the bloody mary, mary worth myth.  So i being the daring one i went in the bathroom alone the first coupe of times.  After a few tries nothing happend.  So when we got home we decided to do that in the bathroom downstairs while one of us was by the light switch and the other was by the mirror saying mary worth.  and i was sorta being stupid and trying to make her mad.  usually stuff happend when i was by the switch..anyways i was makin her mad and then i saw a white shadow and then she struck me with a ping-pong ball that i left in the bathroom..she did that about 5 times..and then she closed the lid of the toilet and she threw a shell at me, and the soap..and when it was my turn for saying it in the mirror someone touched my back..it was sorta scary i would say..i would scream my head off..but it was all good. i kinda liked the experience of meeting with a ghost.  and i hope that i do meet a ghost in the future but not by playing this game.