Video: Incredible Gettysburg Ghost Footage

One of the most incredible shots of a ghost is a classic, but to this day is one of the most incredible sightings ever caught on film to suggest a strange ectoplasm may suddenly materialize and float around in the dead of night in Gettysburg.  The strange scene is one of the most perplexing pieces many experts have ever seen.

It all begins with a simple conversation.  The camera has been turned on by a small group of people, apparently three to four in number.  Presumably the three operating the camera are a husband, wife, and younger child.  The camera is resting on a tripod ensuring there are no shaky elements to the footage that disrupt the incredible scene that unfolds in front of them.  One of the more convincing elements of this footage is the genuine confusion of the participants and their apparent skepticism as they attempt to figure out just what is unfolding in front of them.

At first all you will see is a lightning bug as it illuminates the lower middle section of the screen.  But watch the left-most one third of the footage twenty seconds into it.  A strange amorphous figure appears in mid-air.  At first the witnesses suggest something that seems plausible until you look more closely at the figure itself: It seems like a motorcycle headlight.  But the section they are watching is high above the ground.  It is somewhere around ten feet from the edge of the precipice.  The figure appears translucent in some areas and entirely transparent in others.

As with any ghost footage, it’s difficult to document a rare and often ill-understood event in such a way that it satisfies all forms of curiosity about the event and the nature of the subject being identified.  This is not merely a problem with purely paranormal documentation.  Often intelligence operatives are vexed by the lack of information in even the most seemingly detailed video documentation of events.  One must only look at the hundreds of videos of disaster events in order to understand just how many questions can be left behind even with a detailed account of what transpired.  It is with this in mind that we should look at the footage itself and document the evidence and the questions that will remain.

This is incredible footage of something we cannot explain.  The witnesses are clearly shocked by the event in a way that seems genuine.  The commentary they add seems genuinely shocked, but in a way that isn’t conclusively determining that they are seeing a ghost.  All too often a hoax is easily sniffed out by listening to the reaction of those filming.  This is why so many videos simply do not have audio tracks.  It is this reaction that I consider to be the most convincing aspect of the Gettysburg footage along with the fact that the phenomenon they are filming cannot be explained.  Still, there are some questions left unanswered.  Why did they decide to film this area in the first place?  Was there any follow-up?  What was the specific location?  With or without those questions answered, this remains an incredible bit of footage of an unexplainable event.