Well-Known Ghosts 1

There are many locations that offer a good ghost tale, but some ghosts are more well-known than others. In this article, you will encounter spirits and apparitions with a reputation, such as a ghost who haunts the Old Bailey in London; Old Bloody Bones; as well as the ghost of Mary, who hails from New Hampshire.


In the northwestern section of Massachusetts, you will encounter the Hoosac Tunnel, which measures at about five miles long. The tunnel was completed on Thanksgiving Day during the late 1800s, but not before 195 workers lost their lives in the process. Before its completion, two dynamite experts and a co-worker, Ringo Starr, were supposed to set off an explosive, but the explosion went off before they were ready. The only one to survive was Ringo. It is said that the ghosts of the two men haunted him until he was found one year later to the day of his coworkers’ deaths. He had been strangled and was lying in the same exact location where the others had lost their lives.


In London, a ghost is said to haunt the Old Bailey. It is said that the ghost will appear after an important trial has been concluded. The ghost appears as a shadowy figure so witnesses are not sure its exact gender. The belief is that an innocent individual who lost their life at the Old Bailey carries out the haunting. Haunting the area of Baldhu, you will encounter a Cornish ghost that is referred to as Old Bloody Bones. When you spot this ghost, you will see quite a thin image, whose blood can be seen running from their body. It is believed that this ghost is the survivor of a battle that took place at this location.


A ghost with green eyes and red hair can be found haunting the town of Henniker, New Hampshire. The nickname that has been given to this apparition is Ocean Born Mary because she was born while aboard a ship on the sea. While at sea, her parents ship was captured by pirates. The leader of the pirates was fond of the baby and gave his word that no harm would come to anyone if the child was named after his wife.


When visiting the Irish Sea, you will find the Isle of Man, which is in the area of the British Isles. This is where you will be able to locate a ghost that is called The Night Man. There is no need to fear this spirit because this is a friendly ghost who likes to help those he comes in contact with. He may be encountered while in a misty form, but he is known to warn people of impending storms.


Within Somerset, it is said that there is a ghost dubbed Lazy Laurence, who is said to guard the orchids n the area. Some believe that he has the ability to change his shape without warning. Others say that Laurence will cast a spell on any who dare to trespass.