Well-Known Ghosts 2

Continuing the tales regarding well known ghosts hailing from a variety of locations, you will find information regarding Jack in Irons, who is a well known English ghost, as well as details on a haunting at Mt. Everest.


When you have reached the Happy Valley Racetrack, located in Hong Kong, you may encounter the haunted tale of the ghost who can be seen in the area. During 1960, Marcel Samarig, a jockey, was thrown from his horse and died as a result of the accident. Numerous people started to report that his ghost began showing up in the locker room set aside for jockeys. Others have claimed to see the ghost of a jockey riding upon a ghost horse. This has been witnessed on the track.


A well-known ghost that is associated with England is called Jack In Irons, who is said to haunt some of the roads throughout Yorkshire. This ghost appears as a tall, figure with a mean streak. His entire body is covered in chains and he can be seen haunted people as he jumps out of nowhere in the middle of the night. He especially likes to wreak havoc on those who are wandering about on their own. The reason why his ghost can be sighted covered in chains is because he was probably a prisoner in the past, who was subjected to being chained, which was common during his time. 


The famous Mount Everest is the site of a ghost haunting of a climber who lost their life. Climbers should not fear this ghost because it wishes to do good for those it comes in contact with. In 1975, pair of climbers, Dougal Haston and Doug Scot, were at the mountain and claimed to have felt a presence behind them. They stated that the ghost stayed with them in their snow hole and also gave them a boost of confidence during the remainder of their climb. Many have wondered who the ghost is, but numerous individuals believe it is the ghost of Andrew Irvine, whose body as never found after disappearing on Everest during the early 1920s.


In Dorset, England, there is an apparition called the Stone Age Ghost that can be spotted riding horseback in the Cranborne Chase area. The ghost can be sighted with an ax in his hand. The attire that he can be seen wearing includes furs. The ghost is said to be a warrior from the past. At West Point, which is the famous United States Military Academy, is said to be haunted by a ghost. More than 150 years ago, this ghost has been haunting the area, always appearing as a soldier with a uniform that dates back to the Jackson-era.


When you reach the oldest building throughout the South Africa area, you will find that it is also a haunted location. The Cape Town Castle has been haunted for more than 300 years by a tall figure, who has been spotted wandering about the battlements. The ghost tends to have a glow about it, where it will disappear when someone tries to get close.