What is a Ghost? In Remembrance of Patrick Swayze’s Greatest Role

As I was surfing the web for news, I just stumbled upon the sad news that Patrick Swayze has passed away at age 57.  One of the greatest movie Patrick Swayze ever made was “Ghost.”  In this article I’m going to discuss ghosts.  What are ghosts?  Why are they here?  How do they contact us?  How do they appear to us?  What are they doing here?  I will get into these topics and more today.

Things that go bump in the night, down the back tingling chill, breeze in a room, a dark shadow of a figure in the middle of the night.  A sense that someone is in the room with you.  Or an uneasy feeling that someone is watching you.  What is it?  Is it a ghost?

Ghosts are every where, you just might not see them.  Who knows there might be one next to you while your reading this right now.  Maybe it will appear since you believe.  Those who are accustom to spiritual energies are more likely to pick up on a ghost’s presence.  Nature has put a few buffers between us and the ghost plane.  Encounter with ghosts mostly happen when one is not looking for them.  Often some are bamboozled into thinking they have a ghosts in their home.  For instance, a house settling, air in the pipes, animals in the attic, or a homeowner that is deceived easily.  Although I’m not saying that are all a false haunting.

So than, what is a ghost?  A ghost is a soul that is stuck between our world and the other side.  The most common reason a ghost is here, because there is something in this world that they could just not let go of.  Either emotional or material.  Another reason is that the ghost doesn’t know he or she is dead, because of a traumatic or sudden death.  The ones that don’t realize hat they are dead are easier to convince them to move on.  However a person lives one’s real life, one will retain some of one’s attributes when one dies.  If one is rich and miserable and only care about money, one’s death and moving on would be very difficult.  Letting go of the money is out of the question and that begins one’s long, miserable ghost life.  Another common thing is love.  The love is so strong that death can’t ever “break those chains of love.”  This was the premise of Patrick Swayze’s role in “Ghost.”

Their boo is bigger than their bite.  One of the most important things to remember is that ghosts are not usually violent to humans.  Those do exist, but a very small percentage.  People do get hurt during a haunting, but that’s because one gets scared and bumps into something or falls over running away.  Those stories that ghosts do physical things to them, are mostly that, stories.  Ghosts were people once and they are just in a bad place now.   We should feel sorry for them and we should help them to go towards the light and move on.

Ghosts are creatures of habit.  Very seldom do they deviate from a regular routine.  Footsteps will occur in the same place.  The same doors will close and open.   As a result, long-term haunting is very predictable.   This happens because ghosts limit their perception of time, place and variety.  They become hyper-focused.  There are some cases of roaming or traveling ghosts.  They are very rare, but do exist.  Some ghosts that are more aware, take a liking to people or places and they follow them home.  It is a good ideal to do a prayer of protection when you leave a haunted area.

Ghosts do not wear watches, they have no concept of time.  Some ghosts relive the last minutes or days of their human life, over and over.  Others relive a common act or daily activity, like checking if a door is closed and locked.  They have no concept of what day it is or what time it is.  They are earthbound.  Blind and deaf and their watch has stopped.

In a ghost’s point of view, we are a shadow in the dark.  Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a dark room with some moonlight shining in the room.  No colors, just shades of gray.  This is what ghosts see.  We appear to them as shadows, as noises, as drafts of air, startling them and pushing them around in their space.  Sounds like we are the ghosts, doesn’t it?  Sometimes they ignore us, sometimes they don’t see us at all.  One cannot just tell a ghost to move on.  Talking to a ghost is like talkiing to someone on two tin cans and a string.  Plus they have lost their sense of reason and logic.  They are emotional and childlike.  Most ghosts don’t want anyone, human or spirit, telling them what to do.