What is a Ghost? (Part 2) Characteristics of Hauntings

In the article before, I described what a ghost is.  I got into their behavior and the way that they react to us if they come across us.  Also I got into how a ghost perceives its surroundings.  Now I’m going to get into how a ghost is distinguished, what mark or trait it leaves behind and what it takes for a ghost to appear to us.

Cold spots are number one when it comes to types of haunting activity.  Cold spots are a ghosts calling card.  The sudden feeling of a sudden mass of icy cold air or a cold draft, usually follows some kind of ghost activity.  We can say that these cold spots are actually the ghost.  A ghost trying to manifest usually causes the air to change temperature.  The ghost doesn’t use it’s own energy, it draws energy from people on this earthly plane.  This is the reason why you feel cold or get a chill.  The ghost is sucking energy away from your aura.  Don’t be afraid, its only a temporary phenomenon and usually cold spots disappear as quickly as they appear.

Sounds like doors opening and closing or footsteps throughout the house.  These sounds or others are very common events in many hauntings.  In some cases doors actually open and close, in other cases the sound of doors opening and closing are present.  The same goes with footsteps.  Except this time  one mostly hears sounds of footsteps, they are physical only some of the time.

Many hauntings will have some sort of smell that were popular with ghosts when they were alive.  Lilac perfume, cherry pipe tobacco, bread baking are some smells associated with hauntings.  The smells come and go as quickly as cold spots.  How can a smell disappear so quickly?  The smell is sent to our brains in the form of an energy signal.  The energy signal bypasses our sense of smell and goes directly to our brains that recognize smells and aromas.  Ghosts are energy, since our brains work on energy it is easy for a ghost to communicate with us through the sense of smell.  Smells can be projected by ghosts energy or sensitive people can read the smell.

Computers go crazy, television goes on and off, phone rings but no one is there, doorbells chime for no reasons, these are all forms of power failure.  Once again energy, a ghosts best friend and a ways to communicate with us.  Ghosts have no problem manipulating electrical appliances.  They also seem to feed off electricity.  Anything that produces a big electromagnetic field (EMF) seems to be food for ghosts.  This is the reason why many hauntings and ghost stories take place during an electrical storm.  Electricity in the air is a huge source of energy that a ghost uses to manifest itself.

Very few hauntings are visual.  For a ghost to manifest it takes an incredible amount of energy on the ghost’s part.  Just to move a small object is like moving a huge boulder for us.  For a ghost to manifest an image it is nearly impossible.  Even in an electrical storm a ghost is onlt able to appear for a couple of seconds.  This is the main reason why we don’t actually see ghosts and there are very few sightings.