What’s the Story Behind the Haunted Berry Pomeroy Castle?

If you are planning a visit to England, you might want to take the time out to visit some of the castles that display a history associated with the land. In the process, you never know when you will encounter a resident ghost or interesting tale attached to the castle. This seems to be the case when you head for the castle, Berry Pomeroy, which can be found in Devon.


Located in Totnes, Devon, the former beauty of a castle called Berry Pomeroy now stands in ruins. From 1066 to 1550, this castle once served as the home of the De La Pomerai family. You may wonder why such a family name may ring bells throughout the area, but it is some of the family members from the past who still hold a place in the minds and thoughts of residents.


When sifting through early records regarding the Berry Pomeroy Castle, you will find that the Pomeroy family earned wooden fortification for their roles played within the Norman Invasion. Throughout the years, many changes took place in regards to the castle and in about 1600, the buildings on the premises were enlarged.


By the end of the 17th century, the family that occupied Pomeroy Castle at the time (the Seymours), abandoned the residence. It didn’t take long for the castle to slowly decline. By 1730, the castle became the ruins you see today. So, what happened to the castle to make it such a ruin? The castle has suffered greatly throughout the years to the hands of destructive elements of weather. The lead, wood, and glass that the castle once possessed was also salvaged. Maybe it is its current appearance that breeds the haunted tales associated with the castle, but there plenty of stories attached to this site.


One of the legends connected to the castle involves one of the family members that have become known throughout the years. Her name is Margaret De La Pomerai and her ghost is believed encountered by many, who described her wearing robes of white. She offers a rather pitiful tale. Tales reveal that Margaret might have had a sister named Eleanor, who was filled with spite and negativity.


Sibling rivalry took center stage between the two sisters when they both fell in love with the same fellow. At the time, Margaret was a rather attraction woman and Eleanor paled in comparison. She was wildly jealous of her sister and could not contain her feelings. One day, she trapped her sister in one of the dungeons located in the castle, leaving her without any food or water. Margaret eventually passed away at the hands of her sister, but her spirit is said to live on. It is her image and figure that witnesses claim to have encountered while on the castle grounds.


The Berry Pomeroy castle also serves as home for many other ghosts, spirits and apparitions that you will be able to explore in upcoming articles. Some are animals like the Black Hound, while others are lost souls like the Blue Lady. Each has a story of their own. Be on the lookout!