Whatever Happened at Blackbird Hill? Part II

What happened to the woman who was finally reunited with her long lost love when she attempts to break the news to her husband? In this article, you will learn her fate and of that of her former fiancé.

The woman promised him that she would tell her husband to release her from her marriage vows so that they could leave with one another when morning came. Allowing the couple to work out the situation, he hid in the woods close to her house. When the woman’s husband came home, she tried to explain the circumstances, but he did not want her to leave. He tried to beg for her to stay. But, she did not falter , she wanted to be with the man she truly loved. He started to get angry and it wasn’t long before he wound up attacking his wife using a hunting knife.

Letting out a scream, she fell to the floor. When the husband realized what he had done, he dropped the weapon and scooped up his wife, who was bleeding at the time. In his arms, she lay limp, as he ran off to the cliff situated at the top of the hill. He suddenly jumped into the river with her in his arms. Not too far behind, the young man made his way to the hill with just enough time to view the man leap into the river. He also heard the last sound to come from his love’s mouth , an agonizing scream.

The young man was overcome with grief and immediately began roaming the hills with no intended purpose. A group of Omaha Indians finally found the man, who looked terrible. He also looked as if he hadn’t been eating properly. He was delirious and could not utter a word. The Indians decided to bring the man back to their village, where recovered from the ordeal and was well enough to travel once again.

To this day, the path from the cabin to the cliff edge shows not a sign of plant life. More than 150 years have passed since the death of the young woman and nothing has grown since. It is said that each year on October 17th, the blood-curdling screams of a woman can be heard at the top of the hill. Reports coming from many people have confirmed the supernatural occurrence.

Some people attempt to make their way to the Omaha Indian Reservation in northeastern Nebraska. It’s located just west of Highway 75. As for Blackbird Hill, it is situated eight miles north of Decatur along the Missouri River. While the hill itself is found inside of the Omaha reservation, the public is not allowed to actually visit it. However, many have climbs the nearby scenic overlook to catch sight of the river located below.