What’s Haunted and Scary in Missouri? Part 2

Fort Belle, which can be found in Bellefontaine, Missouri has been a site filled with ghost haunting stories for some time. Over the years, many have questioned the strange activity that is attached to this fort, where many claim to see, feel, and hear unexplainable things. One of the most odd tales told in regards to the fort deals with the staircase. Comprised of five tiers, the staircase has a presence of its own that plays out when pictures are taken of it.


When the photos of Fort Belle are developed, dark red-colored smoke can be seen around the first or second stairs. The occurrence is so prominent that individuals have conducted experiments using a variety of cameras, which always produce this curious red light that appears by the first or second tier of steps.

When you happen upon Upper Blackwell Road, which can be located in Blackwell, you will encounter a road that many feel is filled with evil. On the road, a restaurant is situated, which is said to be a haven for those connected to Satanism. In the area, a wide-range of disappearances has taken place. The vicinity is also home to a bridge named Black Tram, where legend has it that when one drives across it and flashes their lights three times, a ghost car will appear and chase you in the dark. Some also claim there is a sing posted that has a reputation for vanishing right in front of your eyes as you drive past it. Others believe that a ghostly couple wanders about the premises, attempting to flag down cars. When a driver pulls to the side to see if they need help, the couple is soon nowhere to be found.

In Stone, the Reeds Spring Middle School has a haunted site of their own. It is the gym that possesses a great deal of paranormal energy. At night, some claim to have heard the sound of a basketball bouncing. Some believe it is a former player haunting the premises, while others feel it is the group of friends that were killed the day they skipped school to have fun. Rumor has it that one of the friends had his funeral held in the gym of the school, where his coffin was placed underneath the goal, which is the same place where the ghost is said to play basketball in the afterlife.

In Manchester, the John F Kennedy Catholic High School is the site of numerous documented occurrences of rooms with cold spots, unexplainable noises, doors that lock on their own, as well as lockers that open and shut without the help of others. In Macon, the Macon High School shares a tale of a murdered woman who lost her life to the hands of what the community believes was one of the janitors. During the 80s, the event made headlines and ever since, ghostly sightings have her wandering about the halls in the middle of the night saying, ” You have the wrong man. The janitor who confessed may be innocent.”