What’s Haunted and Scary in Missouri? Part 3

The Lees Cemetery in Verona is known to present the ghostly image of a truck that has a reputation of chasing visitors out of the gravesite. Some claim that the truck will speed up close to a car until it is almost touching the bumper and then as you turn around to catch a better look, it will disappear as if it was never in the vicinity. Odd noises and sounds are also heard throughout the cemetery, where the fog in the area only makes matters and the atmosphere worse.


In the West Plains area, it is here that you will find the Avenue Theatre, which is situated within the downtown area. Many people believe that the theater is the site where numerous paranormal events have taken and continue to take place. Some of the oddities associated with the theatre include the disturbing sound of a crying baby that seems to occupy the upstairs section of the site. Objects and props have been known to appear and then disappear. At night, many people will not enter or stay in the theatre when they are alone because it is quite a scary place to be at.


As you watch a show at the Shady Oak Theater in Clayton, you may hear the whispers of a man who took his own life on the premises just before the theater became what it is today. Some of the odd events to occur on the grounds include the feeling of being watched, balcony lights that dim without warning, cold spots about the premises, unexplainable sounds and voices, and film that unwinds when securely sitting on shelves.


If you decide to pay a visit to Branson, there will be a wealth of haunted locations and unexplainable paranormal events to explore. As you travel about the Animal Safari Rd, it is said that a ghostly wagon train will appear in the vicinity. In the past, the passengers were killed during their journey. As you visit the valley located on the same road, you may experience cold chills throughout the night.


The Music City Center in Branson is also the site of many ghosts that are attracted to this particular business. The employees have especially taken a liking to a little female ghost who they have nicknamed “Amy.” When she is in the store, she is known to play about. When electrical elements go wrong and the elevators shut down, it is the apparition of an old man who is blamed for these occurrences.


The remnants of a fire-damaged house can be found on Sycamore Church Road in Branson, which is situated on a paved section of this road. Legend states that an entire family lost their lives on the premises as the fire raged on. Cold chills have taken over the vicinity, which are felt when passing by the house.