Witness Recounts 1991 ‘BEK’ Encounter

If you’ve never heard of the BEK phenomenon, it’s the name of a mysterious entity or type of entity that has been sighted since reporter Brian Bethel first described it in 1998.  The legend goes that these entities always appear to be normal kids until you look at their eyes – which are completely black.  Also, they behave in an incredibly strange way, and many of the witnesses report oddly uniformed encounters with the beings who demand to be let into their homes or cars and are always invariably turned away.  But one witness says he may have had an encounter with something that resembles these strange beings as early as 1991.

The witness, whose name was omitted for privacy reasons, submitted his report to the Mutual UFO Network regarding an incident that occurred near Campbellton, New Brunswick in Canada.  The night began ordinarily enough with the witness enjoying an evening with his friend who he referred to simply as “K.”  The witness and his friend both noticed a group of what appeared to be teenagers standing out near the road as though waiting for a ride.  Time passed, and the trio of teens stood there waiting facing away from the house staring into the ever encroaching blanket of night just after sunset.

One of the witnesses involved, the witness “K” called out to the trio standing at the edge of the road a couple dozen feet from their house.  When the beings heard this, the strange kids suddenly moved to the house and began kicking the door and jiggling the doorknob as if they meant to enter uninvited.  It’s unknown if the door was locked, or there was simply something else keeping them from entering.  If it were the latter, this would fit well with the BEK scenario, as there are reports of these beings all over the world demanding access to a house, but then being unable to enter without first being given permission.

The trio then turned to the window and the witness saw the face of one of the three, noting that there was something distinctly wrong with his face.  The hooded boy looked in on them with a disturbing grin breaking across his face and shadowy darkened eyes.  The witness was not certain that he had seen any nose, but described the face as looking somehow very wrong right away.  Spurred on by a fight-or-flight response, the witnesses then chased the three boys away.  The witnesses were easily outrun, as the boys somehow managed to always stay a few steps ahead of them before they disappeared into the darkness just beyond the house’s light.  After that, the witnesses returned and never spoke of the event again.  Both were clearly disturbed by the unusual encounter.

One of the most interesting things about the account is that it predates some of the earliest accounts of BEK’s, but seems to coincide with most of the common features involved in this sort of encounter.  What were these witnesses really seeing?  Was it the same disturbing entity later described by Brian Bethel?  Or was it simply a trick of the light and a series of coincidences?  It’s a chilling story either way.