Wyoming Haunted Locations

The next time you plan a family trip to Yellowstone National Park, you may want to check out the haunted past that can be explored at this site and many others throughout the location of Wyoming. For example, a trip to the Rocky Mountain High School will bring you closer to a ghost that roams about the old library, where you may spot the ghost of an old maid rocking back and forth in her chair as you stay at the Sheridan Inn in Sheridan.


You’ve packed up the kiddies and taken a nice drive to Yellowstone National Park. When looking for a good scare during your stay, seek out the Old Faithful Inn, which is close to 100 years old. A variety of apparitions have been reported to wander about the place, including a man who wears a rather large, black hat. The ghost of a bride, who was beheaded on her wedding night, is also trapped within the hotel. While staying at this location, two guests reported to wake in the middle of the night to a hot room filled with steam. When they touched the radiator in their room, they found that it was ice cold.


In Laramie, Albany, you will find Knight Hall, which is located within the University of Wyoming. On the second floor of this hall, the sounds of someone wailing can be heard at night. Students have reported the sighting of unknown faces peeking through the windows. On the south end of the West Wing, the ghost of a young Native American woman can be seen before she disappears. The third floor conjures up feelings that someone is always following you around, but the scariest part of the building is the basement. Venturing down into the basement, you may encounter the sound of beating drums where no such instrument can be found. The basement is so dark that it is almost impossible to encounter any type of light in the area.


When you are in need of an eerie place to stay to set the mood for ghost hunting, you may want to check out the Ivy House Inn B&B in Casper, where the spirit of a man can be found setting off the alarms throughout the parking lot. The inn also produces many cold spots, as well as the strange event of objects moving on their own. The Townsend Hotel in Casper also presents a good scare with the unexplainable noises and voices that can be heard throughout the upper floors. The Yellow Motel in Lusk was once a brothel that was in business during the late 19th century to early 20th. Guests have reported the sight of strange lights, as well as odd, unexplainable noises. Upon entering the building, you may also feel that someone is watching or following you.


Other haunted places to stay at include the Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, where numerous ghosts can be located. One of the ghosts haunts the hotel because they met their death by being pushed out of a window located on the fourth floor. Doors at this establishment also open and close at will. The Irma Hotel in Cody is the home of a soldier ghost, who appears in the main dining area, dressed in an 1800’s-style uniform. There is also a “Lady in White,” who is supposedly the ghost of Buffalo Bill Cody’s daughter, Irma. She can be spotted wandering about the kitchen, as well as the halls on the second floor.

Wyoming offers plenty of places to find a scary tale or haunted building. In Crowheart, the ghost of a man, who rides a horse, may be spotted at the Wind River Mountains. At the Old High School in Evanston, the ghost of a teacher that passed away in one of the classrooms can be seen.  The Fort Bridger State Historic Site, ghosts can be seen at the various historic monuments throughout the area. The Gebo Cemetery produces the sound of small children and babies. Gebo is considered to be a ghost town anyhow. Additional haunted locations include: the Green River Library, Sweetwater County Court House, the Fossil Country Museum in Kemmerer, Laramie Civic Center, Wyoming Territorial Prison, as well as the Shoshone Bar in Lovell.