Ocean Spray Cranberry GMO Deception- Beware

Today I called Ocean Spray to inquire about GMOs and Fluoride in their Cranberry line of juices. It turns out even though their label boldly advertises “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” they still use GMOS by replacing it with GMO Beet Sugar! 

According to the Ocean Spray receptionist, they can not tell customers if their particular bottle of juice is sweetened with beet sugar or cane sugar. But she indeed verified that their beet sugar is Genetically Modified.

Another point I ask these representatives is about the fluoride within their juices. Most times they do not know the answer but by reading the bar codes or printing on the bottle they can usually find out what city’s water supply system the water comes from. And then it’s pretty easy to find out if it’s fluoridated.

The good news with my local supply of Ocean Spray is that the production plant comes from a water supply that does NOT fluoridate their water- according to my research.

OCEAN SPRAY Supports Proposition 37!  They Don’t Think You Have The Right To Know Your Juice Is Genetically Modified!!!

Ocean Spray donated $362,100 to Oppose Proposition 37!!

“Thank you for contacting us. As a grower-owned cooperative, food safety is a priority for Ocean Spray. Cranberries and grapefruit, which are the primary ingredients in our products, are not products of biotechnology. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that foods produced using biotechnology are as safe and essentially the same as traditionally grown foods. Ocean Spray is a member of a broad coalition that opposes the California ballot initiative to label all foods with genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. The FDA, USDA, American Medical Association and the American Dietetic Association consider GMO foods to be safe. Such labels would unnecessarily increase food costs for California consumers, and would likely mislead consumers into incorrectly thinking these products are harmful to one’s health. If you would like more information, please go to www.NoProp37.com.”

Think Twice about giving these corporate evil-doers your money because they use it to directly hurt us all.