Verified- Newman’s Own Corn, Soy, Oils, Etc May Have GMOS

Today I emailed The Newman’s Own company and inquired about GMO’s. Here is the deal with Newman’s and GMOs.

I wrote:

Your labels do not say GMO FREE.   91% of SOY in USA is from GMO’s..  
Are your soy products (Newman O’s cookies etc) have GMO SOY?

Please tell me your policy on GMOS and laboratory biofoods

Newman’s Own Reply

Newman’s Own cannot guarantee that the commodity items (such as corn and
soybean oil) used in our products are GMO free since they may come into
contact with GMO’s. We can assure you, however, that all our organic
products are USDA regulated and can contain no GMOs.

With reference to the Newman’s Own Organics cookies, I have forwarded your email to their website (www.newmansownorganics.com). They are a separately run company.

We hope this information is helpful. Thank you for your interest in Newman’s Own.



Newman’s Own Customer Service

So there you have it folks, if your Newman’s Own box says “USDA ORGANIC” it’s good to eat.  But if it’s missing those words, you may be eating laboratory bio foods.

But make sure to watch with a close eye because it seems Newman’s Own does use some deception on their packaging.  The cookies I was referencing (Newman-O’s) say “Made with organic flour & organic sugar”. My wife thought since they said organic they are GMO free.  WRONG I GUESS…   Because it does NOT say “USDA Organic” and they contain soy and other oils which were specifically mentioned in her email as possible containing GMOS.

Because of the partial GMO usage, the lack of a customer phone number, and the deceptive packaging, my view on Newman’s Own has just been lowered a notch. So if you buy Newman’s, make sure to look for “USDA ORGANIC” on the packaging.