Verified- Schmuckers Has GMO’s and Laboratory Produced Agents

Today we bought All Natural Peanut Butter from Schmuckers. The ingredients said nothing more than peanuts and salt. No mention of GMO’s mentioned on the label.

I called the 800 number and went through the prompts and got the operator. I inquired about GMO’s in the products and she said “that’s a good question”. I was put on hold as she researched.  When she returned to the phone- she told me that Schmuckers products can and may contain ingredients from laboratories.

I then asked about the specific peanut butter- but she did not have individual product information. I asked her to clarify that the peanut butter MAY have GMO’s- and she said YES.

So to all you Non-Gmo eaters like myself- stay away from Schmuckers and keep demanding to your local congressmen to make GMO labeling a regulation.  We ALL deserve to know what we are eating!