1975 Loring AFB Helicopter Coverup

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DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE Headquarters Aerospace Defense Command

Reply to Attn of: DAD

Subject: Request for Information Under The Freedom of Information Act

To ——————–

1. A copy of your letter dated 22 August 1977 was received in this
headquarters for direct reply on 19 September 1977. The following log entries
have been extracted for release:

a. NORAD Command Director’s Log ( 1975 )

29 Oct/0630Z: Command Director called by Air Force Operations Center
concerning an unknown helicopter landing in the munitions storage area at Loring
AFB, Maine. Apparently this was second night in a row this occurrence. There was
also an indication, but not confirmed, that Canadian bases had been overflown by
a helicopter.

31 Oct/0445Z: Report from Wurtsmith AFB through Air Force Ops Center –

incident at 0355Z. Helicopter hovered over SAC Weapons storage area then
departed area. Tanker flying at 2700 feet made both visual sighting and radar
skin paint.

Track object 35NM SE over Lake Huron where contack was lost.

1 Nov/0920Z: Received, as info, message from Loring AFB, Maine, citing
probable helicopter overflight of base.

8 Nov/0753Z: 24th NORAD Region unknown tract J330, heading SSW, 12000 feet. 1
To 7 objects, 46.46N 109.23W. Two F-106 scrambled out of Great Falls at 0745Z.
SAC reported visual sighting from Sabotage Alert Teams ( SAT ) K1, K3, L1 and L6
( lights and jet sounds ). Weather section states no anomalous propagation or
northern lights