7 Facts About Wicca

PentacleWitchcraft simply requires no belief in particular gods or goddesses and does not set its followers on a specific path towards attaining some sort of spirituality. However, you will find witches who accept a host of beliefs and religious systems besides Wicca. Another distinction regarding witchcraft is that when one learns how to cast a spell or explores the practice of magic , they are seen as harnessing a skill , something that is completely separate from believing in a religion. In celebrating the Halloween season, consider the following facts regarding the Wiccan religion:

7 Facts About Wicca

1) There are eight holidays (known as ‘sabbats’) typically celebrated within the Wicca religion, two solstices, two equinoxes, as well as a handful of other occasions that appear throughout the year. To learn more about some of the Wiccan celebrations, you can check out the article titled: “Three Important Wiccan Holidays and Celebrations.”

2) Most Wiccans believe that “God” is a supreme force that bears no gender. In times of worship, the image of the God and the Goddess are utilized. In the Wiccan religion, this part of the belief system follows along the same lines as there being male and female parts in most of nature’s creatures. This is why there is both a male and female God within this religion.

3) The Wiccan God and Goddess are known by many different names. The male God has been known as Cernunnos, Pan, Faunus and Osiris. The female God has been referred to as Aradia, Isis, Diana and Cerridwen. Other names include “Lord and Lady,” “Moon Goddess,” and “Sun God”.

4) When ‘casting a circle,’ an invisible circle is typically drawn by a witch using the tool of his or her choice. Circles are drawn to mark sacred spaces where a ritual will take place. It is the belief that invisible boundaries are used to keep out all of the negative vibrations that could affect a spell. To set the mood, incense, herbs, and candles are also used.

5) Despite the depictions shown in movies, Wiccans do not sacrifice animals or perform what is known as ‘black magic’ during any rituals. Anything that conjures up harm is not associated with the Wiccan religion. It should be stressed that there are difference between witchcraft, black magic, and Satanism.

6) Since the pentacle is a symbol often worn by Wiccans, they are often linked to Satanism. However, the pentacle serves as a representation of the four elements , Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. The fifth point on the star represents Akasha (Spirit). When the one point is upright, it is a positive symbol. When two points are up and the star is inverted, it is comparable to an inverted cross, which is associated with Satanists.

7) Wiccans tend to wear the color black because it is a mixture of all colors and is often associated with possessing the energies of all other colors. It is also a color linked to calming and protective effects. It shouldn’t be viewed as an ‘evil’ color.