A Collection of Conspiracy Theories

From the cure to cancer to inventions that would save consumers a lot of money, there are conspiracies that big businesses keep a lid on the products that could change the face of the world. Why would they want to release products that make them less money in the long run? In this article, you will learn about conspiracies involving this notion, as well as a few others.

Big Business Conspiracies

If a company came out with a light bulb that never went out or a car that ran on water, consumers would certainly save a lot of money, but the big businesses would lose out greatly. The demand for their products would go down and they’d make considerably less than if their products needed replacing every so often.

Pharmaceutical Company Secrets

The same can be said about pharmaceutical companies. Some conspiracy theorists believe that more effective drugs (and possibly cures) for diseases, such as cancer and AIDS, have already been invented. However, drug companies fear they will make less money if there were no sick and dying patients to provide different drugs to. Others believe that keeping certain developments hidden is also a form of population control. Some believe that the fewer people beating incurable or deadly diseases is thought to place less strain on the economy and the world’s resources.

Citizenship of the President

The citizenship of the President has been at the center of debate, as some claim that Barack Obama was not born in Honolulu, as his birth certificate suggests. Some believe that this official document was faked or that he secretly hold dual citizenship, which would disqualify him as the President. Despite the early release of Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii, conspiracy theorists still held onto their doubts. These views have led to the creation of many different rumors related to the issue, such as the validity of the President’s Social Security Number and his religion.


The clouds that are left behind when an aircraft travels across the sky have been at the center of discussion and debate. Some believe that while they give the appearance of contrails (visible trails of condensed water that come out of the exhaust of aircraft engines), they are actually the evidence of chemical spraying that may take place for some secret intentions.

Conspiracy Theories Abroad

Conspiracy theories are not only limited to events and people in America. For example, there are several theories surrounding the death of pro-Axis Indian nationalist leader Subhas Chandra Bose. It is said that he died in an accident, but others believe that he was assassinated. They feel he did not die at the time and place stated, but did so much later. Others believed that he was still alive and kept hidden at a different location.