A Different Perspective on Alternative 3

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Hi Jerry,

Let me know if this file translation works. It was done in MWII and converted
to text. It’s a new article on Alternative 3.

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                   A Different Perspective on Alternative 3
                                by Bill Donavan

I had always considered Alternative 3 as something more than a hoax, as I’m
sure many of us have. It has been a visceral suspicion based upon a thing in
the back of the mind, call it a hunch. I know that there have been elements
which just do not fit, and it is based upon this that many have thrown out the
baby with the bath water without considering the premise as a whole, or the
implications of such.

With a knowledge of ‘black operations’ going on in the world, and various
conspiracy theories circulating which try to tie it all together based upon
each individuals fragmentary perspective, I will try to present my own limited
viewpoint. These theories represent a snapshot of each individual’s knowledge
base of the situation at hand, and as such is in a constant state of evolution
or flux. Such is the case of William Cooper, Leslie Watkins, and a few others.

Leslie Watkins, in an open letter on the InterNet, acknowledged the fact that
he originally formulated Alternative 3 as a hoax to provoke a response, but
did not expect quite as much of a response as he did. In fact, the
‘response’ is part of the reason which he has moved to New Zealand to escape
those who terrorized him.  I believe that the reason that he is still alive is
the fact that he did not have the whole picture. Each conspiriologist has been
diverted from the core of the problem. In many cases this has kept them alive.

In some instances, they have uncovered too much and have had an ‘accident’. In
still others, they have remained alive by remaining public, or have been in
the position to be extremely conspicuous in their absence. By this, I mean
that to be in a sensitive position either professionally or socially, to wind
up dead or missing just validates what that person had to say all along. This
must be extremely frustrating to those of whom are in charge of damage
control. It gives them a feeling of powerlessness.

In my own case, I think that I have brushed up against those in the damage
control industry without actually locking horns, but then again I can’t
actually be sure. No one has come forward and confessed, revealing that some
‘random accident’ has been their handiwork.

Then again, I have been threatened by an individual to harm members of my
family if I didn’t cooperate with his demands. I never found out what the
demands were since I told him to kiss my ass and hung up on him. I’m still
here so far.

Now on to the elements of the theory. These are the items which I contend
are important deviations between Alternative 3, various conspiracy theories
and what I perceive is actually going on:

  1)  The ‘alien treaty’ that Bill Cooper talks about is much more than a
      technology transfer.

There is evidence to the effect that the present state of inactivity in the
space program is not due to budgetary cutbacks as is the official explanation,
but is due to the ‘policy committee’.

Speaking of which, what the hell would a policy committee do anyway?  What
policy, or whose would they enforce? Policies usually refer to treaties, and a
‘policy committee’ is referred to in Alternative 3.  A treaty with whom, or

The logical explanation would be some alien power. And since no power on this
planet would have the technology to do what they seem to do, the logical
possibility would be an extraterrestrial one. It looks like a part of the
treaty would be to stay out of space as a physical presence. Some of the
reasons for this will be discussed later. Suffice it to say at this point that
a permanent space station would not be in their best interest.

  2)  There is no base on the moon or Mars.

Not only is there no evidence for this, but based on item number 1, there is
no way they can do this without a violation of the treaty. I do not know what
the penalty would be for violating the treaty, but I imagine it to be severe.

I think that at this point in time the powers which are signatories realize
that they are in a lose-lose situation. The ones which I refer to as aliens
(really a misnomer) treat this planetary culture as a developing nation. As
far as where the people are going in the book Alternative 3, I do have a few
guesses. Drawing upon the Montauk data, one possibility is not where, but
when. The ‘aliens’ could have been involved in a technological/genetic screwup
of monumental proportions.

Based upon some data from an individual who shall remain nameless, the
‘aliens’ tissue resemble human too much for it to be parallel evolution. It is
a continuation of our evolution, augmented or tampered with technologically.

We have met the enemy and they are us. From other data which I have seen, and
from the Roswell crash and alien autopsy, this view is also supported. There
is a device which is similar to to the ‘datahand’, a device recently invented
for super-efficient data entry on board the craft. This was in 1947. So
what is a 1994 keyboard doing on board a supposed aliencraft in 1947?  Good
question. That is not the only weird artifact, however.

Scattered across the planet are odd objects which haven’t been explained. In
fact, the only explanation would be time travel. In a geode in California is
seen what seems to be a spark plug embedded. That spark plug has recently been
identified as a Champion.

The geode is over 250,000 years old. It looks like an expedition went back
there, and somebody pulled out their chain saw to cut down a tree for
firewood, and the plug fouled out. Too bad their chain saw hadn’t been
misplaced. I would have liked to have seen the explanation for that one.

Charles Fort cataloged quite a few more, like the footprints in Cambrian
fossilized material. Those footprints had shoes. I would hazard a guess that
if that fossil had been examined a little more closely, the brand name of the
shoe may be found.

Who knows from what distant time our descendants originate? One source puts a
tissue sample having 500 million years of genetic drift in it. However,
genetic engineering can skew that figure significantly. It could be as little
as 5000, or even 20,000 years based on that.

Their technological base could be borrowed from different cultures scattered
across time and space. And so the datahand in the ‘alien’ craft. Some
contactees claim that the inhabitants of the craft have told them that they
are here to collect genetic material, that they are sterile and in danger of

Perhaps they are desperate enough to risk whatever is necessary to ensure the
survival of their/our species. This may in fact not be completely accurate
since they would have evolved toward becoming another species, but their
genetic roots are still here. According to another source, if a species which
has been genetically-overengineered goes back to the base stock, then the
corrupted genome can be restored. Is that what they’re doing?

  3)  Those who disappear are not going to the moon or Mars.

I don’t argue with the fact that they go somewhere, it’s just not likely based
upon the points above that these people are going to outer space. Actually, if
the Montauk data is correct, and I have reason to believe that it is, then it
would be possible to create a space-time transfer port (time portal) and send
them there.

If they merely were on the moon or Mars, it might be possible to hijack a
shuttlecraft and make their way back to earth. And no one has to date come
forward with a story of being on the moon or Mars in a secret colony. Even on

So if Alternative 3 is true, let us assume that for the most part that
transfers to wherever/whenever they’re going are one-way deals. You can’t go
home if home has long since turned to dust. Also, it would be dangerous for
them to come back if there are microorganisms which have evolved for a future
hostile environment which they would have to be immunized against. It may
result in a plague here, not to mention a rather nasty causality loop.

But what if they were sent into the past? Good point. They would need to leave
the planet at some discreet point in prehistory to prevent discovery. Then
there’s the genetic drift, footprints, and all the other stuff that can’t be

And the legends of highly evolved technological societies which just ‘popped’
into existence when Neanderthals were still digging roots out of the ground
with a stick. It all ties in somehow, it’s just the exact nature of the links
which need to be revealed.

Where were they located? Ah, this is much easier when we deal with time-travel
to the past, since artifacts can be found. Since the geode was found in
California, my money is on that location as a possibility. Then there’s the
legends of the ‘old ones’ setting up a base in Antarctica in Precambrian
times. There are so many legends pointing to so many different locations that
one wonders if several colonies may have been tried through time.

And then there’s the face on Mars. Yep, back to Mars again. It has been
estimated to have been carved about 50,000 to 250,000 years ago, about the
time of the spark plug.

Geologists speculate that Mars had an Earthlike environment at that time, with
running water and possibly a breathable atmosphere. A good place to put a
colony. If you hijacked a shuttlecraft at that time, you still wouldn’t wind
up here and now. So you wouldn’t worry about escapees. Where would they go?

Richard Hoagland has done a lot of work on the links with the face and our own
culture. These links are at the least uncanny, and at the most creepy. How on
earth (pardon the pun) did a human face wind up on Mars? There has been a joke
about this to the extent that with a quarter-million years of erosion, the
tongue is no longer sticking out. But seriously, you would think that NASA
would want to investigate this thing rather than ignoring it.

But they don’t. In fact this is the very thing which raises the hackles on
Hoagland. But, if they KNEW that it is in fact a human artifact, would they
want an investigation? Hell no! Not if they were going to risk a cosmic


You really need to experientially pull in all possible data to formulate a
conclusion while realizing that with all that you do know, it’s still a
fraction of what’s really out there. And all the other individuals each have a
piece of the puzzle, even though each believes they may have it all.

The animosity of fellow consipirologists is what keeps the puzzle from ever
being assembled. This ‘divide and conquer’ stratagem has been successful
throughout the ages. I predict that if conspirology ever really does pull
together all the pieces, then another layer of the onion may be peeled away to
reveal another level to solve. And another… And another.

Perhaps we may never discover what is really going on, but a view of what they
want us to see. For who is going to discriminate between a diversionary
tactic, and the truth? It has been said that a truth is best hidden between
two lies.

Enjoy the sandwich.