A Good Luck Spell

HTML clipboard1. Locate the exact center of the room you sleep in the most. This is not
necessarily your bed room. It could be your living room, bathroom, or office.
Make sure you measure it out or you might get lopsided luck. Place a coin there
so you don’t forget where it is.

2. Determine your mantra. It must be somewhat specific and reasonable. I will
have good luck is too general. I will find a hundred dollars under the stone in
my back yard is too specific.

3. 5 times a day, repeat your mantra 5 times. Some people find writing the
mantra instead of chanting it helps. Typing is also acceptable, but you can’t
just cut and paste it.

4. Every time you go to sleep in the room mentioned in 1, place another coin in
the center point. It has to have been a coin that was given to you within the
last day or two.

5. Repeat these steps as often as necessary. If your luck doesn’t change,
consider re-measuring the room or revising your mantra. It takes time to get
this right, so be patient.

Notes and clarifications

Part of the purpose of the coins is reflective. You have to actually think,
“Where did I get this coin?”. At the same time, you can’t help but
why you were there in the first place. If you are worried about your health,
the coin reminds you about that chili dog you ate for lunch.

Another reason for the coins is that it reminds you each morning and each
evening what your goals are. You can’t properly evaluate your life unless
you keep in mind what you want to accomplish. Some people have great lives
but don’t realize it.

For example, I used to worry about how I was always short on cash. Then I
realized that a fun job, not money, was my goal all along. Once I remembered
that childhood goal I no longer worried that I “wasn’t rich enough”
started enjoying myself.

The positioning of the coins is somewhat arbitrary. Unless the room is
square, there are many ways to find the center of the room. By the same
token, there are many ways to have good luck.

The mantra is a widely accepted way of improving one’s luck in a specific

And of course patience is required. Discordians define Meditation as
“sitting around waiting for your luck to change”. As that can take
days or
weeks, I don’t recommend it.

BTW, I forgot to mention that it doesn’t actually have to be coins. Any
token or trinket you acquire will do. Paper money is bad because your likely
to spend it, but any other offering to the spirits may be beneficial. Coins
are nice because they are small and shiny, but even a pretty stone or the
metal foot off a chair may work, especially if you are child.