A Hodegepodge of Interesting, Unexplainable, and Unbelievable Trivia III

If only all wars were fought like one group of early natives in Mexico. During the 7th century, the Toltecs were part of native Mexico. They had an interesting way of fighting, as they carried wooden swords so that they did not take the lives of their opponents. In this article, you will also learn the story behind the Nobel Prize, as well as the humble beginnings as one of the most powerful figures in Chinese history.

Taking It Beyond Friday the 13th

The Anglo-Saxons were quite serious about believing that Friday was an unlucky day, as they followed a ritual that saw children born on that day slaughtered.

Now, That’s What I Call a Drinking Problem”¦

Rumor has it that the 18th century was full of heavy drinkers that could drink five million gallons per year , mainly consisting of the poorer population at the time. It got so bad that laws were created to decrease their high intake of gin.


The practice of clinking cups together when drinking may very well have come from ancient drinkers who believed that this act would keep evil spirits, as well as the Devil away.

What a Guilt Trip!

If you ever wanted to know how the Nobel Prize (with future winners like Martin Luther King Jr) was established, it all came as a result of guilt. Alfred Nobel was known for creating dynamite explosives that the military found great use for, but over the years , did not want to be remembered as the “merchant of death,” as his brother had once called him.

His one last wish came in the form of an award that would honor the achievements of do-gooders. In 1895, he drafted a will that bequeathed 94% of his total assets (31 million Swedish Kronors) to establish and award five Nobel Prizes in Peace, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine (or Physiology). Today, those numbers equal 186 million dollars. While the will created the vision of the prizes, Nobel’s plans were not airtight. A couple of obstacles stood in the way and after five years had passed, the Nobel Foundation was up and running. The first prizes were awarded on December 10th, 1901.

Who’s Getting Coal in Their Stocking?

Santa was sorely disappointed in the English Parliament in 1647 when they actually abolished Christmas.

From Rags to Riches

Born December 26th, 1893, the man to become the first chairman of the Chinese communist Party (Mao Rse-Tang) was actually an Assistant Librarian at the University of Peking before he assumed the position that gave him great power.

Nuts and In Charge

Although King George III was declared “violently insane” in 1811, this diagnosis came nine years before the man passed away. Can you imagine what he was able to accomplish during that time?

What a Time to Take the Throne”¦

Henry VII was the only King of Britain that was crowned while on the battlefield.