A Hodegepodge of Interesting, Unexplainable, and Unbelievable Trivia VI

Some parents spend months searching for the perfect name for their child, but in this article , you will learn of a tradition that is rather simple and uncomplicated to follow. Additional topics include a Turkish superstition, as well as an excessive inscription found in the inside of the coffin of a prominent historical figure.

All About Admiral Lord Nelson

Admiral Lord Nelson (1758 , 1805) gained fame during the Napoleonic Wars as a flag officer for the British, especially when it came to the Battle of Trafalgar , a pretty important point in the war for the Brits. Sadly, this would also mark the battle that would take the Admiral’s life. Interestingly, Nelson was never able to reach the title of ‘Admiral.’ He reached the rank of Rear Admiral in 1797. In 1801, he was honored with the rank of Vice-Admiral and was killed holding this rank.

When Lord Nelson died, the inscription inside of his coffin was rather lengthy, displaying all of the titles he had held throughout his life. It read: “The Most Noble Lord Horatio Nelson, Viscount and Baron Nelson, of the Nile and of Burnham Thorpe in the County of Norfolk, Baron Nelson of the Nile and of Hillborough in the said County, Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Vice Admiral of the White Squadron of the Fleet, Commander in Chief of his Majesty’s Ships and Vessels in the Mediterranean, Duke of Bronte in Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Knight Grand Cross of the Sicilian Order of St Ferdinand and of Merit, Member of the Ottoman Order of the Crescent, Knight Grand Commander of the Order of St. Joachim.”

Native American Traditions

If you ever wondered how some Native American Indians received their names, they followed a tradition of naming children after the first thing they saw as they left the teepee soon after the birth, which is why we have encountered such names, like Black Hawk, Sitting Bull, and Running Water.

Turkish Superstition

When it comes to superstition, the Turks believed that stepping on a piece of bread would bring bad luck.

Does This Whet Your Appetite?

The next time you dig into a plate of French fries, consider the ways of the Dutch and slap on a bit of mayonnaise.

The Side Beliefs of the Intelligent

Sir Isaac Newton (1643 , 1727) is known in history as a famous physicist, mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer. In regards to the history of science, he published a book (Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica), that gained notoriety as one of the most influential books written on the subject. His work shed light on universal gravitation and described the three laws of motion. Newton was able to show that the motions of objects on Earth followed the same natural laws as celestial bodies that kept in line with his theory of gravitation and Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. Interestingly, the man harbored an obsession for the occult and the supernatural.