A Hodegepodge of Interesting, Unexplainable, and Unbelievable Trivia VII

Talk about not respecting the death”¦ Napoleon Bonaparte had to wait before his body was returned to the French. To find out how many days his body lingered before it could receive a proper burial, continue reading this article, which also touches upon a rather creative and morbid payback for a cheating wife.

Can’t Even Rest in Peace”¦

The funeral procession of Napoleon Bonaparte had to wait for 20 days after his death because the British did not release the body to the French until that time.

Teaching Someone to Learn a Valuable Lesson

I suppose one way to curb your wife’s appetite for taking a lover is to follow in the footsteps of Peter the Great. He cut off the head of her lover and placed it in a jar filled with preserving alcohol. If that wasn’t bad enough, he ordered that the head stay close by her side , right next to her bed.

Do You Like My Scent?

Can you imagine? Eau de Cologne was originally advertised as a method of keeping the plague at bay.

 Tough Boots to Fill , Age Doesn’t Matter

In 1726, Charles Sauson inherited the post of official executioner, but there was only one problem. The boy was only seven years of age at the time.

The Reasoning Behind the Laurel Wreath  

Have you ever wondered why Julius Caesar is always pictured wearing a laurel wreath? It is because he was trying to cover up his baldness.

Trying to Cut Back

In an effort to curb his appetite for cigars, Sir Winston Churchill rationed himself to just 15 cigars per day.

Needs a Little Re-Working”¦

January 7th, 1904 marks the date when the distress call ‘CQD’ was born. The ‘CQ’ meant ‘Seek You,’ while the ‘D’ stood for ‘Danger’. However, this didn’t last too long, as it was soon replaced wit ‘SOS’ in 1906.

Sticking to the Rules of Old

Despite the government forbidding this practice, there are plenty of Indians that still follow the practice of the caste system, which states that it is corrupting to allow even the shadow of a person belonging to a lowly caste to fall on a Brahman , one who belongs to the highest caste known as ‘priestly.’)

Equal Rights to the Fullest

Interestingly, it is said that in some regions about Malaya, women are known to keep harems of men.

Not Such a Nice Song

Have you ever heard the old kiddie nursery rhyme titled “Ring Around the Roses?” Morbidly so, the catchy tune actually refers to the Black Death (or Black Plague), which is known as one of the deadliest pandemics to take hold of history. It is estimated that about 30 million people succumbed to the disease during the 14th century.

It’s a Hairy Situation

During the rule of Elizabeth I, a tax was placed upon men who wore beards.