A Hodgepodge of Interesting Insect Facts

Do you know how many different species of roaches there are in the world? What country goes gaga over beetles? In this article, you will encounter a variety of interesting trivia involving beetles, spiders, cockroaches, and moths.

Facts About Cockroaches

Caring Mothers
Interestingly, some species of female cockroaches are devoted to their offspring, sometimes carrying them around in little pouches , similar to that of a kangaroo. One species even delivers their young a nourishing blend of milk packed with protein, carbohydrates, and fat that comes from the uterus.  

Not All Pests
Out of the 4,000 known species of cockroach in the world, only 20 kinds are actually classified as pests.

Strong Responses
The head of a cockroach will live and respond to stimuli for at least 12 hours after the insect’s body has been separated from it.

Facts About Moths

Smallest Moths
The smallest species of moths referred to as “micros” possess wingspans of 3 or 4 millimeters.

Antennae Details
Male moths develop larger antennae than their female counterparts because it helps them to detect the pheromones that the females release. These pheromones are sent into the air through the tibia segment of the leg, the scales on their wings or from their abdomen. Males can sense the pheromone as much as 8 kilometers away.

The veins on the wings of a moth can help researchers identify their species, which serve much in the same manner as fingerprints.

Clearwing Moths
The Clearwing family of moths often resembles other flying insects, such as hornets, wasps and even at times , hummingbirds.

Facts About Spiders  

Spider Skeleton
Interestingly, the skeleton of a spider is positioned on the outside of the body.

Like a Snake”¦
Tarantulas shed their furry-looking skin as they grow. What is left behind is something that looks just like a living, breathing tarantula.

Spider Sight
Just like their legs, spiders possess eight eyes and yet in still do not have good vision.

Not all spiders spin webs.

Facts About Beetles  

Lightning Bugs
Lightning bugs (also known as fireflies) are not true bugs or flies, but are actually a species of beetle.

Beetle Mania
In Japan, beetles are actually one of the most popular pets in the country. You can even purchase the insects in many department stores.

Beetle Species
With around 290,000 species recorded in the world, beetles make up the largest order of living things. In North America, about 27,000 species dwell.