A Troubled Paris Jackson Tweets About the Illuminati

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, he left behind three children, who up until his death, had lived a life sheltered from the paparazzi. At first, a young Paris Jackson did not understand why her father, the King of Pop would use masks and make other attempts to shield their identities from the public. Most recently, she’s slowly acknowledged that she now knows why. After what seemed like a smooth transition into the care of her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, Paris is showing signs of distress, including an alleged suicide attempt that led to time being spent in a treatment facility. And, surprise, surprise – the teenager is addressing issues concerning the Illuminati and other secret societies.

On June 5, the 15-year-old teen used a kitchen knife to cut her wrist, and consumed 20 Motrin painkillers. Some of the reasons behind Jackson’s behavior and alleged suicide attempt are believed to stem from feeling personal family pressure, trying to fit into her school, and being a victim of cyber-bullying. In addition to feeling isolated within her family setting (she lives with her two brothers and grandmother in a Calabasas mansion), she is also trying to handle the stress of having to testify in the Jackson family’s lucrative trial against concert promoter AEG regarding the death of her father.

Not only is Paris Jackson an avid user of social media, but she has used the platforms to express what some would say goes beyond typical teenage angst. For instance,  her cryptic Tweets during her time on Twitter, and the posting of a few telling sketches has raised a lot of eyebrows that clearly reveal a young adult dealing with much more than the average teenager hijinks. In months leading up to the alleged suicide attempt, Paris seemed to adopt a darker look – cutting her hair short and dying it black.

Despite reports that stated Paris ‘didn’t want to die’ and that she was instead ‘looking for attention,’ the teenager was admitted into UCLA Medical Center on June 5, and released from the hospital on July 13 – only to be transferred to a doctor-recommended ‘undisclosed residential treatment center.’

For months, statements made on verified Twitter and Instagram accounts in Paris Jackson’s name have demonstrated the teen’s awareness of just how dark the entertainment industry can get. Some of the messages that have appeared throughout the months include:

  • “It took me a while to figure who ‘They’ are in ‘They Don’t Care About Us,” but I found like 3 years ago…RT if you know what it means… This particular song by her father, Michael Jackson, is believed directed towards the elite.”
  • “A secret society is not really secret if u kno what ur looking 4. So don’t wait 4 the info 2 come 2 u, take time to seek it out 4 urself.”
  • “#IfYouOnlyKnewTruth…”

A verified account of Paris’ also displayed disturbing occult and secret society-related drawings. One of the most alarming is of the blood-soaked knife or sword found within a hexagram made up of all-seeing eyes that drips into a pool of blood that displays ‘666’. The words ‘Never Let Go’ surround the drawing. She has also posted the Symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star, which is used to represent the females who embrace Freemasonry. A cracked skull with a finger placed to sealed lips represents a sign of secrecy that is accompanied by ‘Shhhh….’ The well-known symbol for Freemasonry (the scale and compass) is also another drawing that has appeared on Paris’ account.  

While some speculate that Paris’ alleged suicide attempt followed her learning that she was not a full sibling to her older brother, Prince, her actions are still a cry for help, and it seems that she’s trying to warn people about the Illuminati or those who wish to do harm for her.