Acupressure points for Better Sleep

Why do we lack sleep and why is it important?
Having a good night’s sleep is one of the many important factors that keep us healthy and fresh for work and everyday chores. It is very necessary to sleep on time and fall asleep faster. Many of us try harder to sleep faster but end up being awake for longer hours. There can be many reasons why we are unable to fall asleep fast:
-Electromagnetic fields emitted from the cellular mobile towers.
-Rays coming from our mobile devices.
-Excessive workload.
-Stress due to several factors
-Excessive consumption of caffeine products

You can fall asleep faster and deeper using acupressure techniques.

How does acupressure work?
There are several acupressure points in our body, that work for different functions of our body.
When we massage these points with light pressure and simple techniques, it releases Qi. It is a Chinese technique and Qi is a vital force inside our body. When the Qi is blocked, pain or stress occurs. The acupressure massage technique balances Qi by letting it flow and relieves stress. It gives a light motion to our bodies.

Acupressure points for sleep
Try some of these simple yet effective techniques to sleep like a baby tonight and every night.
On the tip of your thumb (just behind your nail), there is a point for the pituitary gland. Massage the point with light to medium pressure in circular motions. Do this 20 times thrice a day.

On the soft portion of your palm, there is a point in line with the little finger, just above the wrist crease. That point is connected to our liver. It is also called the spirit gate point. Massage this point 20 times, thrice a day.

On the thumb, just below your nail (the back portion of your palm), there is a cervical point. It is used to control neck stress. Similar to the above methods, massage this point 20 times thrice a day.

Behind your neck, half-inch left and right from your spine, there are two points. These two points on your neck muscles are linked to your skull. Massage these points with mild to medium pressure, 20 times thrice a day.

Note:~ Before you start doing the acupressure technique, make sure to use mild or medium pressure. If you feel pain while massaging immediately stop the process.

~ Do not do acupressure therapy if you are pregnant.

~ If you have any kind of injuries or circulatory problems, avoid doing this therapy.

~ Do not do it on a full or completely empty stomach.

Acupressure is a very ancient technique and has helped with severe cases of insomnia. While it can help you in some days, it can also take some weeks to be effective. The more you believe, the more effective it becomes.