Adam and Eve, the Bible, Religion, and Aliens, Are UFOs the Bible Creator?

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Is there truly a god? I mean really? When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they were banished forever from the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve then went on to start a farm, where they traded with the two cities in that area. After Caine killed Abel, he found a wife in one of the cities in the area. How could Adam and Eve trade with a town that doesn’t exist? After Caine killed Abel, the only other woman that was supposed be alive, was his mom. Did he marry his mother. How did the cities get there. Did you even know that the first bible that was translated from arabic into English was done so by Shakespeare? The same Shakespeare who wrote fictional poetry about incest (hamlet) (or in the bible, read above) and tragedies.

I believe that there is a god, but not the one your thinking of. Since the beginning of time humans have had this fastenation with gold. We put value to it, in fact there’s gold backing up every dollar bill, but why is that? How did we come to be?

In history, religion was the cause for 90% of all wars. The battle over who’s god was the best, right? The bible is only part of the truth.

The aliens traveled from place to place as drifters, they then came across the planet that we now call Earth some millennia ago. They saw potential for the vast untouched resources such as gold and other elements; however, they could not survive within the harsh atmosphere of this blue planet. So they went about trying to determine how they would collect those resources so they could utilize the materials for themselves. The answer was right under there nose, the chimpanzee. They thought “maybe just maybe, if we do this and splice that gene, maybe this could work” so they went about collecting specimens off of planet “Earth” and started there DNA manipulation to get to a more intelligent being that we have become.

It took “god” seven days to create man. Does that mean that it took the aliens seven days to create us? All religions worship a god that they cannot see, and have the power to take lives, as well as give it. Thus with man having been created in seven days, it would be relatively easy to produce whole towns in the matter of weeks!

In the beginning of man there was a alliance between human and alien. One which would span for hundreds of years until the great flood. The aliens taught these humans all of there knowledge in turn the humans would mine minerals, and gather resources and offer it to there god in the form of an offering. The aliens taught them the ways of the universe, to respect all living things with admiration, be selfless, be wary of universal intelligence in all things breathing or not, for every atom makes up all that is, is. They taught us moral values, as to where clothes, they taught us how to fend for ourselves if we needed. They built huge monuments such as the pyramids for a beacon so they wouldn’t get lost, if a problem were to occur. They built stone hinge that was used as a calender for centuries.

The alliance was with great peril. The great flood when most of all of the world populace was wiped out because the melting of ice bergs. The aliens feeling there creation was doomed only fled the world to watch from afar. Before they fled, they told “Noah” build an arc, and your people might live. So he went about building the boat and finished just before the crushing wall of water scoured the land. The aliens that had fled the planet began to think that the species was a complete waste of time, and because the minerals were under water, they had no use for the planet, so they vanished, leaving only a small fleet for protection of earth so that when the time was right they would exploit the resources once again.

After weeks and weeks, lingering on the brink of human extinction, hunger, and thirst plagued the minds of those who were on there boat, creating greed, and egos. Thus the humans began to lose knowledge of our creators teachings. After many years of sea, it resided, the humans were able to stand foot on solid ground. The teachings were forever lost of our human heritage.

Many years later, humans thrived once again. Not a failed creation, but not a accomplished mission. There were sightings of the small fleet that still protected earth until one day, the universe saw the awww and destruction of our atom bomb. This set of a chain reaction all throughout the universe, making our creators rise to our call, for we had a nuclear weapon. Even now, they quadruple there efforts in figuring out what makes us, there creation, us. They watch from afar and witness there creation crawl out of the brink, and even take off into space. They watch even now with great hopes, and even worries of what the human race might become. Having forgotten all of the teachings of the human heritage, we must live.

Aliens however respect everything in the universe as a god, never taking anything for granted. They must be peaceful, because if they didn’t like the nuclear bomb, they could have destroyed this planet then, or at any given time. Because they don’t feel threatened, we shouldn’t either, for when the moment comes when there threatened, only then should we fear the worst.

Roswell was a gift from the aliens. Purposely crashed to further jump the technology at the time. Roswell was a gift, for humans to rediscover there heritage and realize that we’re not alone in the universe. It was a gift to maybe, give us a sign that their there, or to spur something in our DNA that would re-teach everyone the teachings of our heritage.

But the government still denies these happenings fearing public hysteria. When it was the aliens trying to reteach what was taught. Fifty years of lying and misinformative acts against the public revolving around the Roswell “accident”. THE TIME IS NOW TO GET THE TRUTH. WE MUST REDISCOVER THE TEACHINGS OF OUR HERITAGE, WE MUST! DESTINY IS WITHIN OUR GRASPS, UNLOCK THE TEACHINGS THAT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN INTO OUR DNA. DO IT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. REDISCOVER THE TEACHINGS! WE MUST BEG FOR OUR HUMAN HERITAGE. DEMAND AN EXPLANATION TO KNOW THE TRUTH. Before it’s too late.

Jeremy T