Agartha is the name of the country under the Earth’s crust. An early text talking about this country is the story of a legendary Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. It is told that he went to the North pole and could go from there to the country of Agartha and met people living there. The South pole and North pole are in fact the two principal entrances. It is said that it is by these two “doors” that the Agartha’s planes and higher technology vehicles go out. Many UFOs have been seen around the North pole (at least compared to the number of people living around.) Some people believe it is a true story and the governments or aliens (or Agartha people) don’t want that people know about the existence of this place. In fact, the story tell us that a cataclysmic war between two big empire Lemuria and Atlantis exploded in the past and all the Earth surface was in danger. These two countries was technologically advanced and had the nuclear power as well as much more dangerous weapons. Thus many people came in the center of Earth to build an new country to live in peace. The several desert on Earth: Sahara, Gobi desert, Australian Outback, South Western zone of North America … are the result of this world war.

Agartha is said to have many other entrances. There are known to be lot smaller than the North and South poles. The pyramid of Giza, for example is known to be one of the entrances as well as the Himalayan mountains in Tibet. The latter one is known to be guarded by Hindu monks. Several others known entrances are: Kentucky Mammoth Cave in US, Manaus and Mato Grosso in Brazil, Mount Epomeo in Italy, the border between Mongolia and China and Rama in India. All these entrances are in fact doors to subterranean cities, part of the Agartha country. The capital is near the center of Earth. Its name is Shambala, a Vedic name. The ecosystem is ruled by the small sun at the center of the Earth. No one knows if it is artificial or natural. People living in Agartha are said to be 12 feet tall. They seems more peaceful that people living on the surface. But many facts make us believe that they are hiding something important to us. Some say that they are in fact aliens and govern the humans by controlling the elites.