Akashic Records

The word akashic comes from the ancient Tibetan words aka meaning place, and sa meaning unseen in the sky. When the soul emerges from the source (or the creating life force, or God), it begins its travel through time and space. Along its travels, it incarnates many times, growing spiritually and at the same time, fulfilling its purpose.

The soul emits energy with every thought, action or event that it engages in. This energy does not just disappear, instead, it leaves a permanent energetic blueprint. This blueprint is in the form of a multi dimensional holographic recording of the actual events, thoughts, feelings and actions of life that the soul experienced. This hologram is a continuous cinematic display that continues through time and space. Because every activity of the soul leaves its energy blueprint, the history of the whole universe is recorded in this hologram – including the history of our past lives and present life. This is the akashic record of our life.

The akashic records are located in the Hall of Records, located in the akashic plane of the universe, one of the 7 planes. These planes are distant energy fields that we can access through the depths of our minds. Our inner mind can access them because we, along with these fields, are made up of the same cosmic energy. However, it takes work and training from the slower 3 dimensional physical reality we are in today to access the higher vibrational frequencies of these states of reality. Brief experiences of intuition are subconscious forms of momentary awareness of our akashic records (without us aware of the “viewing”) leading us to making the right choice or decision (if we follow our intuition).

There are two ways to access the akashic records. One is to use the help of an experienced psychic who is able to view the records. The other way is to slowly train yourself to access the records through meditation and increased awareness. It is important to remember that one must begin this procedure with a prayer to ask permission and to give thanks to God (or the divine source), for allowing us to receive this help. Then we must also thank the Keepers of the Akashic Records for allowing us access, assuring them that we come with love in our heart and for a good purpose.

When we want to access the akashic records, we can not just view our life inordinately. We can only view what is given to us to see, by asking specific questions to the keepers, or our spirit guide, about our past and present. Then we are given access to a “window” through which we see relevant scenes of our past life or present life happening before us. Our future life is available for us to understand only as a potential outcome of decisions we make for ourselves in the present. There are many potential outcomes for our future. Our future manifests from our present thoughts. Our present thoughts directly influence the immediate future, thus determining the future outcome of our present life. Each thought we have, has an attracting force which attract specific energies.

These energies manifest into events and experiences. When we have the” right” thoughts, we attract the right potential events for us. We can choose from a number of potential outcomes according to the energies we release from our present thoughts, which will attract a series of future events. One of these potential outcomes is the fulfillment of our purpose in this lifetime. Once we achieve an understanding of why we are here this time around, we can put ourselves on the right road, manifesting the appropriate future life we need to experience. Therefore, the akashic records provide us with the reasons why our feelings, experiences, relationships and actions in this lifetime happen – and the akashic records give us insight as to what we should manifest through our thoughts for our future. Some interesting facts about akashic records:

It is widely believed that the Sanskrit language has been given to us through the akashic records.

Jesus refers to the akashic records when He speaks of the “many mansions in His Father’s House” (referring to the many portals of the mind including the Hall of Records). The akashic records have also been described as the Book of Ages, and the Book of the Lamb. St. Peter, keeper of the Gates of Heaven, in the Christian tradition, kept the book of life, through which the events of ones soul are recorded.