All-Seeing Eye Symbolism Runs Rampant in the Clothing Line of Android Homme

Yet another celebrity-endorsed clothing company is profiting off spreading the message of the Illuminati as well as glorifying other questionable concepts. Android Homme is a clothing company that incorporates a great deal of triangles (pyramids), Egyptian-style graphics, and eyes (oftentimes positioned within triangles or pyramid-like structures – much similar to the all-seeing eye). The company makes blatant references to the Illuminati and related concepts through the naming of some pieces of clothing, such as their ‘New Order’ shirt.

A Sampling of Android Homme T-Shirt Designs

•    Called the ‘Baptism’ Tee, this design features a triangle positioned over the head of a praying man – the head is situated towards the apex of the symbol. The back of the T-shirt highlights the name of the company with a symbol depicting an Egyptian-style eye within a triangle.

•    Called the ‘Ancient Future’ Tee, an assortment of Egyptian-styled icons and hieroglyphics appear on the front of the shirt, as well as a triangle within a circle within the design. On the sleeve of the T-shirt, you will find an Egyptian eye symbol.

•    The ‘New Order’ Tee has a triangle at the center of the shirt’s front design, where the apex is defined by the names of several ancient civilizations, such as the Aztecs, Sumerians, Incans, Mayans, and Egyptians. The naming of the T-shirt is most likely meant to make a reference to the New World Order concept often associated with the elite, which sees the entire planet living under a one-rule government and religion.

•    Once again, the theme of the all-seeing eye and a pyramid-like shape appearing as one of the designs for Android Homme is seen in the “I Am” Tee, which uses this all-seeing eye symbol to illustrate the beginning of the statement plastered on the front of the shirt – “I Am the Future.”

•    The ‘Hieroglyph’ Tee incorporates a handful of symbols related to the Illuminati, the occult, and other secret societies, such as the all-seeing eye, triangles, and lightning bolts. The configuration of the symbols seems to create the shape of a face.

Celebrity Endorsements

Android Homme clothing has made an appearance at music-related awards shows, such as the American Music Awards and BET Award, and the clothing line has been seen wore by celebrities, such as Alicia Keys and her husband, Swizz Beats.

In February of 2013, NBA star Lebron James caught a great deal of flak for wearing this T-shirt to a club in South Beach that features an eye inside a triangle design, which presents a manifestation of the Android Homme logo comprised of three interlocking triangles. Those who caught sight of the T-shirt design took to social media outlets, such as Twitter, to express their displeasure.

To make matters worse, the basketball player was photographed flashing a hand gesture that is oftentimes associated with the number of the Devil – ‘666’. Some will dismiss the hand sign and argue that it simply means ‘A-OK,’ but the sideways position of the gesture seems troublesome – this is not the usual positioning of the ‘A-OK’ sign.

Regardless if the designers and marketers of Android Homme believe in the ‘end of the world,’ Illuminati, and other questionable concepts representing in the symbolism of the clothing, selling such designs plays a small part in desensitizing the public to the true meaning behind the eye, all-seeing eye, and pyramid (triangle) symbolism.