Amanda Bynes Seems to Be Walking Down the Same MK Ultra Programming Path as Another Celebrity

MK Ultra Programming centers on the systemic mental and physical breakdown of people (most notably celebrities or members of the entertainment industry), and over the years, there have been a few suspected victims based upon the behavior they’ve  displayed in the present time or past. Once a fresh-faced teen actress with notable career accolades under her belt, Amanda Bynes has been appearing in a very poor light in news headlines for the past couple of years. “Mental illness” is being used as an explanation for her actions, but her behavior could possibly highlight a breakdown associated with undergoing mind control programming…just like another celebrity who seems to have broken free of her handlers.

It’s easy for people to chalk up odd and erratic behavior to a mental illness (or that they are feeling the pressures of being rich and famous) because the average person simply cannot digest any other possibility regarding the reason behind an individual’s outrageous behavior (besides drug use). The circumstances surrounding Amanda Bynes is becoming just as highly publicized as the public breakdown that Britney Spears experienced years ago. She too, was suspected of being bi-polar or suffering from a mental illness, but some people weren’t convinced – Spears seemed to be showing signs of a breakdown consistent with having undergone past mind control programming (namely MK Programming).

Bynes’ recent brushes with the law and poor lifestyle choices have landed her in an involuntary psychiatric hold, where she underwent an extensive evaluation. In many cases, this type of process takes an average of 72 hours, but in Bynes’ case, her hold was extended to 30 days. An assortment of questionable decisions on the actress’ part escalated to the incident that led to her psychiatric hospital stay. The straw that broke the camel’s back was increasingly erratic behavior and setting a small fire in a driveway. Reporters heard from an eyewitness that Bynes was lying down near the driveway with one of her pant legs on fire. She also exclaimed that her dog had been burned by the flames.

While under evaluation, doctors have supposedly declared the actress as suffering from a severe mental illness that involves multiple personalities. One source says that a ‘bad Amanda’ and ‘good Amanda’ exists, and that Bynes allegedly spoke of a ‘bad Amanda’ while mimicking an exorcism. Interestingly, the presence of multiple personalities is oftentimes a coping mechanism for victims that have undergone mind control or programming tortures. It is one of the ways they attempt to process and deal with the abuse.

For Bynes’ own safety, her parents requested conservatorship so that they could gain control of her wellbeing, as well as her finances. Although she opposes the thought of being completely in the hands of her parents, some sources state that the actress was not well enough to attend the hearing concerning her parent’s request. Her mother and father were ultimately granted a temporary, emergency conservatorship. However, Bynes seems to have trust issues with her parents that seem highly problematic. When told that her parents were looking after her dog, she allegedly replied, “They’ll kill it, just like they tried to kill me.”

Following her own breakdown, Britney Spears was placed under conservatorship, where her father basically became in charge of everything to do with the singer’s life. Later on, her fiancée (who is suspected as being one of her handlers) took over her father’s responsibilities. It is believed that Spears and her estate are still controlled by her ‘handlers.’

Another similarity between the two celebrities is how they choose to appear when in public. Wigs are a good way for celebrities to stay in disguise, and attempt to hide from the rest of the world, but for Bynes, this kind of behavior is the same exact thing that Britney Spears did during her ‘episodes.’ Both celebrities have chosen colorful shades of fake hair, including eye-catching shades of pink, purple and blue. For Spears, she needed to wear wigs and extensions while her hair grew back after famously shaving it all off. At one point, Bynes resorted to shaving off half of her hair, and posting the results on social media outlets.

Although Britney Spears appears to have overcome her mental breakdown ‘ordeal,’ sources who have worked close to the singer claim that she has difficulties holding a conversation and sometimes appears in a ‘zombie-like’ state. Others believe that others are in control of what she does and says. If this is true, then Spears has not completely broken free from her suspected handlers. Bynes, on the other hand, looks as if her possible entertainment industry-related victimization is just unraveling…