An Idea Concerning the Soul and Ascension

An Idea Concerning the Soul and Ascension

Like billions of other human beings on this planet have since the time of man began, I have spent countless hours pondering over and searching for the “truth” of existence. Exactly what is the truth? Since I do believe in a ‘higher being” I have dabbled in a variety of mainstream religions over my time, and studied many more. The main thing I have come away with is that each one is certain that it has the right idea, and every other religion is totally wrong. How can there possibly be so many divergent religions and all of them be “right”? Why all these differing ideas on the concept of heaven and hell? How does that all fit into the “out of the mainstream” ideas like ghosts, witchcraft, parallel universes, extraterrestrials, reincarnation, past lives, astral travel, superhuman powers, and the sense of deja’ vu?

Perhaps all we really have to do is take a step back and look at a bigger picture. Maybe there is a grain of truth in all these things.

Have you ever experienced a sense of a nagging conscious? A hunch that paid off? Intuitively knowing what to do or where to go? Perhaps a sense of being watched or interacted with? Ever felt like you were outside your body watching it as it went through it’s motions? Had moments when an inner voice told you to do things you would probably not otherwise think of doing? What about an out of body experience? Experienced the paranormal first hand? What exactly is all that?

It seems to be that most people believe, or want to believe that when we leave this mortal body, that something called the soul lives on in some form of existence. Does that mean that the soul itself is eternal? Does it have a life span of it’s own? Where does it go after leaving our physical body? Why did it inhabit our body for such a short time to begin with? What is it’s goal?

After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that the soul as we call it, is a higher level of consciousness inhabiting and sharing our own fragile human bodies, who’s goal is to act as a student and observer seeking a higher level of ascension for themselves. This would explain man’s desire to basically be good and “do the right thing”, and also explain why the soul lives on after the body is used up. My theory is that a soul probably gets randomly assigned a physical body to inhabit acting as a battery of sorts to power the physical shell. Since it’s goal is to learn, it has no reason to control the body on a continuous basis. It can however, interact to a certain degree via what we feel are the intuitions, hunches, and your “conscious dictating your actions”. Hosting a soul can not go totally undetected, but depending on how strong the person’s own mind is, perhaps it is able to shut out to a certain extent, or conversely open itself up to the feelings and memories threads or even supernatural power of the soul on a limited basis. This would help explain saints and killers, savants and prophets. Is it just an oddity that man uses such a small portion of our own extraordinary computing power called the brain?

Once the physical body wears out, the soul moves on to it’s next existence, taking with it the new life experience and memories of it’s discarded host body. Perhaps it regressed due to it’s interaction with the human experience. Maybe it needs a repeat lesson at a lower plane of existence. Maybe it needs a few years to reflect on what it learned before it moves on. Maybe luck of the draw dealt it a bad hand and the physical body was defected somehow and did not last long enough to complete the lesson. Hopefully, all went well and it felt that it’s time on this earth was a true learning experience and it was time to move on to a new higher level of learning.

That brings us to the part that perhaps will not be so popular.

I have always been fascinated with computers and I have played a lot of video game in my time. I usually prefer strategy or action based games. It may be exploring a series of medieval dungeons, or colonizing the vastness of space. Typically I will select a game, choose a “body” to inhabit, and try to beat the game. Sometimes I end up choosing poorly and lose. When I do win, often I will play the game over and over until I can beat it blindfolded and grow tired of it. I might choose another type of “host” to inhabit, be it creature or race, and see how I fare with that one. When I feel I have nothing else to gain, I move on to another game, which is usually totally different in genre presenting totally different challenges. You can see where I’m going with this.

Just because this is the existence we know and our familiar with, who’s to say that there isn’t a myriad of other scenarios for our souls to experience? Maybe there are many worlds and realities out there to explore and learn from. Perhaps enlightened individuals have caught a snapshot of some of these places from their symbiotic souls. Could there be a “hell”, a place full of dread and torment? Why not? Could there be other worlds with severely differing life and challenges on them? Why not? Every man’s Heaven can very easily find it’s place in this reality. Which brings us to just how many souls are there? The population on earth is ever growing, yet there seems to be more than enough soul’s for every body. Where have all those soul’s been? Perhaps exploring other world’s or other alternate realities. Maybe new worlds have to be constantly created to present new challenges and learning experiences all the time as our own collective consciousness changes the environment we live in continuously. One day, the earth itself may need to be reset to the beginning and started over so that it can continue as a source of learning.

To touch on time travelers and UFOs briefly, if they too exist, why are they visiting us? What if the first of these entities had latent memories of a soul who had been here before? If they had vague or even unconscious memories of this place, somehow knew of it’s existence, wouldn’t they be tempted to explore here just as persons claiming past life and reincarnation experiences always try to return to confirm their vague memories? And having a blazed a path, wouldn’t other explorers follow?

I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I’m sure that fault can and will be found with my reasoning, but I think it’s a solid enough idea to consider and expand on. People are going to believe what they want to believe and are comfortable with. I too would like to think that there is “life after death”, and if I accept this premise, then how does that work and what is the next logical step?