An Intro to Using Herbs to Treat Menstrual Issues

For centuries, plants found in the wild to traditional herbal remedies have been used to treat medical issues plaguing women. Whether its an irregular menstrual cycle or tender breasts, it has been proven that Mother Nature has a handful of solutions to offer. In this article, you will learn how to use herbs, such as rosemary and German chamomile to treat tension related to PMS and other menstrual issues.

What Causes Menstrual Cycle Issues in Women?

There are many different ways that the menstrual cycle of a woman becomes disrupted. Sometimes, there is too much stress in their life. Exercising too much or too little can create an imbalance. Other factors that can cause menstrual issues include taking a birth control pill, long-term illness, steroid use, allergies, and drinking too much alcohol. Drinking too much caffeine and smoking cigarettes are also culprits behind hormonal ups and downs that can affect a period.

Breast Tenderness and Sore Nipples

We’ve all heard of the dreaded pre-menstrual syndrome, which can cause an array of symptoms to arise. Breast tenderness and sore nipples are common occurrences in a woman experiencing PMS. To treat this rather irritating and distracting symptom, consider the following recommendations:

German Chamomile
Use 50 grams of German chamomile combined with 250 milliliters of water to create an infusion for a compress to treat breast tenderness. Place the compress over sore breasts and repeat whenever pain arises.

An ointment containing calendula can treat sore nipples. If used during a period of breastfeeding, don’t forget to wipe off the ointment before feeding your baby.

Premenstrual Tension

With bloated stomachs and intense headaches, PMS can cause a woman to suffer tension throughout her entire body. Luckily, nature has a treatment for such eruptions of the body. Below are a few suggestions to treat the stress that a menstrual cycle can place on the female body:

Vervain or Linden
An infusion containing either vervain or linden can be used as an internal remedy for premenstrual tension. Some people have mixed an equal amount of both herbs to treat this issue. Drink up to five cups of infusion throughout the day.

Use one tablespoon of dried rosemary or two tablespoons of fresh leaves to create an infusion that is mixed with one liter of water. Strain the mixture into a warm bath at the start of each morning. Another option is to add five to 10 drops of rosemary essential oil to a warm bath.

At your local pharmacy, seek out valerian tablets, which have a knack for calming down premenstrual tension. You may also use valerian tincture (20 to 40 drops), taken with water, for up to five times per day.

Irregular Cycle

When your menstrual period has become erratic, there are two primary herbs known to set you back on the right track. They are:

Agnus Castus
There are two ways to take agnus castus for the treatment of an irregular menstrual cycle. The first is to take tablets found at a health food store, while the second involves a dose of 1 ½ to 2 milliliters of tincture taken with water at the start of each morning for at least two months.

Create an infusion out of motherwort that is taken for up to three monthly cycles. The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 cups. Keep in mind that it is not suggested to take motherwort if you are experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding.