An Introduction to Vedic Healing Gemstones

When it comes to astrology and alternative therapies, using healing gemstones as talismans or looking towards to power of birthstones to enhance everyday outcomes is not unheard of. In this article, you are introduced to the various healing gemstones associated with Ayurveda healing and Vedic astrology.

When planets are weak, a birthstone is believed to compensate for the loss of energy, just as much as it is seen to provide more strength when planets are in a favorable position. The gemstones that are mentioned later on in this article are the finest and purest form of minerals that exist. Inside the Earth, it takes extreme heat and pressure to create the specimens. Healing stone are also crystals of clear and purified minerals that additionally exist in the human body.

Human organisms respond to the power of healing stones because they are linked to electromagnetic energy that has an influence on the electrochemical nature of an organism. Making direct contact to the skin is one of the best ways to benefit from healing stones. However, when they are embedded in pure metals, such as silver, copper and gold, an individual greatly benefits from their presence.  

There is also a physio-chemical energy that healing stones possess that works with other energies that affect the human body. Wearing jewelry is one way to tap into this energy, as well as consuming the oral form of the gemstones as a paste or oxide.

Indian Healing Stones

When it comes to Indian astrology and numerology, there are nine healing stones and birthstones that are associated with the nine planets linked to various beliefs. They are Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Coral (Mars), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Hessonite (Rahu), Emerald (Mercury), Diamond (Venus), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), and Cat’s Eye (Ketu).

Working with the various gemstones are believed to solve issues and bring to light specific qualities. However, it is not uncommon to pair gems or use all at once for more powerful benefits, such as creating powerful tonics using their powders. Placing the gemstones in a particular order can also create an influential talisman that is often given to children for protection.

Testing Gemstones

To make sure that a gemstone will effectively treat medical ailments or product the desired effects, such as bringing good luck or warding off evil spirits , it is important to use real specimens. Let’s take red coral for example, which is connected to the planet Mars and seen as a way to attract good fortune. According to Ayurveda circles, there are ways to identify real coral. For example, placing real coral in a glass of cow’s milk is said to create a pinkness or hint of red in the milk. If coral is fake, the whiteness of the milk remains the same. Another test is to drop coral in blood and if it is real, the blood will thicken around it.