Ancient Herbal Help for Back Pain and Arthritis

Many newly retired individuals settle into a lifestyle that is less active. There is no more attending meetings, rushing to work, or driving on the highway. If you become more sedentary, the body may start to react further down the line. Some men battle prostate issues, while osteoporosis is a common ailment for women. If you are newly retired, embrace fun exercise, such as bowling, gardening, cycling, swimming, and walking. Other ways to combat the signs of aging is to consider herbal medicine.

When looking to treat or prevent common problems that affect people who have become less active, consider the following herbal treatments that can make life much easier:

Lumbago & Sciatica

Traveling from the lower back to the knee, sciatic pain is quite uncomfortable and can become intensified when during daily activities, such as gardening. However, if you only experience nagging pain in the lower back, you may have a case of lumbago on your hands that is often appears after one has undergone a car accident or fall.

To treat back pain, consider adding five drops of pine, geranium, and peppermint oils to a bath that is drawn in the evening. Take a long soak to alleviate discomfort. Outside of the bath, you can mix the same oils in 10 milliliters of St John’s wort oil and apply as a massage oil to the regions that hurt the most.


The older you get, the more wear and tear that your joints will experience. Complications often arise in the form of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis, which can place a damper on all of the activities that you’d like to enjoy. The pain can become excruciating and sometimes, you may not feel like getting out of bed in the morning because the stiffness in your joints brings great discomfort. To limit the amount of pain that you endure with arthritis, consider the following herbal treatments:

·    Take infused comfrey oil or comfrey cream and massage into affected joints for two time per day. Continue on with the regimen for at least two months.

·    Taking two capsules of 200-milligram devil’s claw for three times per day can help your arthritis symptoms. This routine is recommended for at least four weeks.

Additional Herbal Help

Dang Shen: When you are in need of an energy boost, women have found dang shen particularly helpful in easing tension, as well as pumping up energy levels. In a sherry glass, add tonic wine and drink. You may also take two capsules of dang shen on a daily basis , 200 milligrams worth.

Ling Zhi: If you follow the word of ancient Taoists, then one of the keys to long life is to embrace a tonic that consists of Ling Zhi, which is known to affect one’s will power. Take two capsules of Ling Zhi (200 milligrams) or 10 milliliters of tincture on a daily basis.