Ancient Herbal Help for the Menopausal Woman

When the middle years fall upon the shoulders of a woman, she is most likely fighting the effects of menopause, as well as the emotional roller coaster that comes with getting older. Just when she thinks everything is going downhill, it hits her , this is the perfect time to embrace newfound independence and a boost of confidence. During this time in your life, it is important to remain positive. A couple of herbal remedies couldn’t hurt either.

Internally, the body starts to change when you enter the middle years of your life. For example, you will surely need to embrace routine exercise in order to maintain your bone structure. This will also help to prevent osteoporosis from settling in. Menopause will also have a profound effect on your daily activities. Below you will find a few suggestions for treating the symptoms of menopause:

Menopausal Syndrome

It’s no secret , menopause brings hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and irritability to a middle-aged woman. Her periods often become irregular or heavy. When taking a look at traditional Chinese medicine, you will learn of a link between the reduction of kidney energy and the symptoms typically associated with menopause. In the past, tonic, restorative herbs became a life saver, including the following:

·    A tea comprised of sage and mugwort has been known to lessen night sweats. Every evening, it is suggested to drink a large cup of standard infusion made using equal parts of both herbs.

·    A decent tonic to embrace during your menopausal mayhem is He Shou Wu. Drink a sherry glass filled with the tonic wine.

·    Chaste-tree berries can assist a middle-aged woman to regulate hormones that are in a frenzy. Each morning, take 2 ½ milliliter tincture in warm water.


Whether you’re down about your menopause symptoms or simply because your children have moved out of the house, depression is a common condition that middle-aged women face. Allowing depression to not drag down your life is a must if you want to live a fulfilling life. A couple of herbal remedies to consider when you’re ready to kick that ‘down in the dumps’ feeling include:

·    Take 2 milliliters of vervain and oat tinctures with 1 milliliter of lemon balm tincture in warm water for three times per day.

·    Drinking a large cup of a standard infusion of equal parts of St John’s wort and wood betony for three to four times daily can help fight depression.

·    There is no use wondering what ‘could have been.’ A natural remedy consisting of honeysuckle can help a woman stop the mind from dwelling on the past, which can add to a sour disposition and depressed stage.