Ancient Herbal Help for the Newly Retired

Just when you’re given the green light to explore new hobbies and interests, travel, and visit with family and friends , the newly retired individual also faces the ups and downs of readjusting to a new life. Winding down from a daily schedule of going to the job can send workaholics into a tailspin. Some may face a bout of depression or battle with self-esteem attacks. However, there’s good news , herbal remedies can ease the transition for some.

For example, Korean ginseng is often looked upon as a great way to heal the newly retired of his or her ailments. It is suggested to take one to two tablets or capsules (250 milligrams each) on a daily basis to see results. Taking a 10-milliliter tincture makes a good substitute for those that do not like ingesting pills. However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, it is suggested to avoid long-term use of this herbal remedy. Other herbal remedies include:

Angina Pectoris

When the coronary arteries become diseased, angina is often the result. Patients experience sharp pains that settle in the chest, arms, shoulders, and neck. While many will turn to professional methods of relief, others also rely on medicinal herbs to boost alleviation of symptoms. A couple of herbal tricks of the trade include:

·    10 drops of San Qi tincture taken in water three times per day has shown effective for combating the symptoms of angina.

·    Some people have seen results when drinking a standard infusion comprised of equal parts of hawthorn, motherwort, and linden flowers. This remedy should be taken three times per day.

·    If you suffer from high cholesterol levels in addition to your angina pectoris worries, it is recommended to take found garlic capsules or two cloves daily. Capsules should measure 200 milligrams.

Late-Onset Diabetes

If diabetes runs in your family, you could face a late occurrence of the disease during your retirement years. The condition also emerges after years of high sugar consumption or living an overweight lifestyle. Some of the early symptoms of diabetes include fatigue, excessive thirst, and the urgency to urinate. It is important to seek professional medical attention. However, some people supplement doctor’s orders with the following:

·    Mix equal parts of goat’s rue and bilberry leaves to create a standard infusion that is drunk three times per day.

·    Consider incorporating fenugreek capsules into your daily regimen by taking two consisting of 200 milligrams before meals , three times per day.

·    Consume two to three pearls of garlic per day.


Your bowel wall can weaken when you excessively use laxatives and or follow a diet comprised of low fiber , resulting in small pouches (called diverticuli) that can inflame and get infected when food particles become trapped. Combat this condition by:

·    Drinking a cup of standard decoction comprised of wild yam and marshmallow root for three times per day. It is recommended to flavor this mixture with a bit of licorice extract.

·    Drinking a cup of standard chamomile infusion that is taken on a regular basis in order to ease inflammation.