Ancient Herbal Remedies for Middle-Aged Men

Not all of the things that occur in the life of a middle-aged man bring depression and stress , many men enjoy the peacefulness of tracking down the chance to retire. Families become less demanding, as children are usually old enough to fend for themselves. However, with all of the happiness that comes with achieving a certain level in life , there are still setbacks. Self-satisfaction can create a void in the life of the middle-aged man. He may not exercise as much. He may overindulge when eating and drinking.

It is important to stay fit during the middle years to ensure healthy golden years. This means that it is important to keep your blood pressure under control, as well as make sure that your circulatory system is in good working order. Below you will find a couple of natural remedies for treating high blood pressure and circulatory disorders:

High Blood Pressure

Your risk of suffering high blood pressure and heart attacks increases when you encounter daily stress and weight gain due to a hectic lifestyle. While it is very important to seek the guidance of a health care professional, there are ways of cutting down your susceptibility to medical setbacks.

For starters, you can incorporate routine exercise into your daily program. If you’re a smoker, quit your habit of cigarettes. Learn how to relax , perhaps invest in yoga classes or learning how to deeply breathe to enhance your health. If you are overweight, start making dietary changes that help you shed a few extra pounds. In mild cases of high blood pressure, you may also:

·    Every day, take a standard infusion comprised of equal parts of dried hawthorn flowers, linden flowers, yarrow, and Ju Hua.

·    For three times per day, take 2 ½ milliliters each of cramp bark and hawthorn berry tinctures.

Circulatory Issues

If you are a smoker, then you are not a stranger to circulatory problems. Sometimes, the symptoms of conditions that attack your circulation can bring cramping in your legs, and coldness in your feet and hands. A couple of herbal remedies to consider for poor circulation include:

·    Quit smoking and stop filling your body with unnatural chemicals.

·    Embrace herbs with a reputation for stimulating the circulatory system, such as prickly ash bark and cinnamon twigs. Take 2 milliliters of either tincture in warm water for three times per day.

·    Create a standard infusion consisting of equal parts of dried linden and hawthorn for two to three times per day.

Other Herbal Remedies for Middle-Aged Men

Benzoin: When you’re in need of a natural sedative, add five drops of benzoin oil to your bathwater or use as massage oil. This remedy is especially good for people battling respiratory and urinary issues.

Damiana: A tonic made from this dried herb acts as a stimulant and strengthener that also delivers aphrodisiac results. On a daily basis, take one to two cups of a standard infusion.