Ancient Herbal Remedies for Parents

When the stress of being a parent starts to mount, you could wind up with an ulcer. No, really , you can. On top of this, you might not feel like much ‘in the bedroom,’ which is why some people need to call upon the powers of herbal remedies in order to get their life back on track.

Peptic Ulcers

A peptic ulcer is a painful condition that arises when a person is plagued by a great deal of stress or rushes through eating their meals. In most cases, the victim of this condition is between 30 and 40 years old. While these ulcers usually require professional assistance, but you can treat the symptoms of this condition by following some of these herbal remedies:

·    Use 15 grams of dried meadowsweet and chamomile to create an infusion known to treat peptic ulcers. It is suggested to drink a cup of the infusion up to four times per day.

·    On a daily basis, take one to two capsules that contain one gram of slippery elm and one gram of San Qi.

Decreased Sex Drive

As parents, the everyday stresses of parenthood can take its toll on a relationship, making it pretty hard to muster up quality cuddle time. In order to pump your sex life into motion, consider the following natural treatments that can help you find your loss of libido:

·    Males seem to react quite well to damiana, which makes a great aphrodisiac. Take 1 milliliter of damiana tincture in warm water for two to three times daily.

·    To get a woman in the mood, consider chaste tree berries, which seem to work well with this gender. In warm water, add 10 drops of chaste tree berry tincture. Take the mixture three times per day.

·    For a week, drink a cup of schizandra decoction, which should be made using 25 grams of berries to every 500 milliliters of water. This decoction should be taken two to three times daily.

·    Using a diffuser attached to an electric lamp, burn a couple of drops of jasmine and sandalwood oils.

Other Herbal Remedies for Parents

Gan Cao: When looking for an effective energy tonic and detoxifier, consider the powers of Gan Cao. You can chew small pieces of the root or take a sherry glass filled with a tonic wine consisting of Gan Cao. If you have high blood pressure, then do not take this particular herbal remedy.

Royal Jelly: This traditional tonic is thought to also help a woman looking to enhance her fertility. With a boost in vitamins and amino acids, royal jelly capsules can help. Take one to two 250-milligram capsules on a daily basis.

Dang Gui: Aiding anemia and the female reproductive system, you can take Dang Gui tablets, but not during a pregnancy. It is also important to follow the dosage instructions found on the packaging.