Ancient Herbal Remedies for the Middle-Aged Man with Aches and Pains

Whether you’re constantly rushing from one business meeting to the next or push your cycling class to the back of your priorities list , the middle years can result in added pounds, stress, and health problems. A middle-aged man should be on the lookout for illness, heart attacks, lung cancer, and issues with their digestive system. Without regular exercise and a healthy diet, it’s pretty hard to keep common issues at bay. However, with the help of certain herbal remedies, you could enjoy a boost.

Rheumatic Aches and Pains

As you enter your middle years, your joints aren’t what they used to be. Pain and inflammation may settle in, causing you to face discomfort with the things you once enjoyed in life. Swinging a tennis racket or even lifting your children could become a painful task. To prevent arthritic disorders, as well as prevent other conditions from arising in later years, consider some of the following natural treatments for issues concerning the joints:

·    Combine 2 milliliters of rosemary oil, 1 milliliter of lavender oil, and 2 milliliters of thyme oil in 50 milliliters of sweet almond oil. This will create an effective oil for gentle massage of limbs plagued by aches and pains.

·    Reach for two 200-milligram capsules of devil’s claw, taken three times per day.

·    Combine 20 milliliters each of meadowsweet, celery seed, black cohosh, bogbean, and angelica root tincture to treat aches and pains of the joints. It is suggested to take 5 milliliters for three times per day.


All of those years of staring at a computer screen or trying to read at night may come tumbling down upon your eyes during the middle years, as the eyes become more farsighted. At this point, you may need glasses to correct the problem. Having an eye test done on a regular basis is suggested so that you can locate a pair of glasses that will suit your needs. Additional approaches for treating eyestrain with herbal means include:

·    Drinking a cup of Ju Hua standard infusion on a daily basis.

·    Adding 5 drops of self-heal tincture to an eyewash of warm water. Use this remedy to bathe the eyes.

·    Applying used chamomile teabags to your eyes, while lying down. Allow the eyes to relax for 10 minutes with the teabags still in place.

Prostate Problems

It is not uncommon for a middle-aged man to learn that he has a benign enlargement of the prostate gland. As a result, he may encounter problems urinating. It is important to seek the advice of a medical professional to rule out the chances of prostate cancer. A few herbal remedies include:

·    Drink a little warm water mixed with 5 milliliters of saw palmetto tincture for three times per day. You may also take saw palmetto as an over-the-counter tablet.

·    Drink a standard infusion comprised of equal parts of damiana and white deadnettle for two to three times per day.