Ancient Herbal Remedies for Tired and Cranky Parents

If you have a toddler running back and forth or a newborn crying at all hours of the night, your nerves and mood certainly feels the effects. As a parent, you will wipe sniffling noses, calm coughs, and battle your own body aches. In the ancient world, they turned to herbal remedies to help ease the tension that comes with running a household and running after a 3-year-old. In this article, consider the following herbal remedies for issues, such as irritability and exhaustion.

Irritability and Mood Swings

Just when you’ve told Jr. for the thousandth time to stop throwing his blocks across the room, you’re conked in the head. Your blood pressure is rising and you have come to your last shred of patience. Minor irritations are part of the course as a parent. However, there are herbal methods of calming yourself down, including:

·    Replace your usual tea or coffee cups throughout the day with an infusion of wood betony.

·    When your nerves have been frazzled for the last time, retire to a bath with two to three drops of lavender or geranium oils added.

·    Look towards herbs, such as beech to relieve a bout of intolerance, elm to strengthen your ability to cope with stressful situations, and red chestnut to ease worry.


Between the long hours at work, dealing with a difficult pregnancy, and feeding the kids, it is not uncommon to run out of gas every once in a while. When exhaustion begins to set in, think of the following herbal remedies:

·    Create a tea using equal amounts of dried rosemary, vervain, and gotu kola. Drink the liquid two to three times per days. When taking this remedy during a pregnancy, please note that this amount of herbs is safe at this quantity, but do not exceed or take for more than two to three weeks.

·    Replace your daily dose of caffeine with Siberian ginseng capsules. For three times daily, take two 200-milligram capsules daily to enjoy an extra boost of energy.


The daily stresses that befall a parent can also lead to rushing through mealtime. After enough times of shoveling food down your throat, you’re going to meet with a nasty case of indigestion joined by heartburn, gas, and chest pains. If you’re a pregnant mother, you’ll also encounter indigestion that comes as part of the territory with a growing fetus. Treat a case of indigestion with:

·    Create a standard infusion consisting of fennel or chamomile and drink after eating a meal.

·    Drink a peppermint infusion to relieve gas.

·    After meals, chew on a piece of crystallized ginger to ease gas pain.

·    Fight heartburn and acidity by taking one to two capsules filled with equal amounts of powdered marshmallow root and slippery elm bark.