Ancient Herbs and Plants for the Newly Retired

With an endless amount of time to hit the green, sew sweaters for the grandkids, and travel around the world , the newly retired embrace their newfound freedom in many different ways. To keep up with a ever-changing schedule and adjustment into a life much different than what was previously endured , the body and mind must stay healthy in order to get any real enjoyment out of the many days of rest and relaxation to come.

When you wish to fully embrace a fresh start at life, you need to keep poor health, illness, and other medical conditions away. Preventive herbs, vitamins, and minerals like the ones listed below can certainly set you on the right track:

Garlic: When old age is just around the corner, it’s a good idea to keep garlic by your side. This herb has many benefits for people of all ages, especially those who are in need of an extra boost. Garlic has been associated with treating and preventing colds, flu, earache, digestive infections, cold sores, acne, coughs, bronchitis, fungal infections, and urinary infections. When cooking, make sure to add plenty of garlic. You may also take two to three pearls per day.

Vitamin C: If you suffer from rheumatism, make sure to incorporate the vitamin C found in fresh fruit and vegetables. Taking a high dose of vitamin C (like 4 grams on a daily basis) is suggested if you suffer rheumatism symptoms. This is because the vitamin is known to flush out uric acid from your body, as well as aids an individual battling gouty arthritis.

Selenium: Turn to this antioxidant to avoid cell damage. It is believed that selenium can aid in the maintenance of a healthy heart and muscles.

Vitamin B1: Also known as thiamin, a deficiency of vitamin B1 can lead to issues with the heart. It is suggested to take 50 milligrams every day.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is much more than a spice that tops hot apple pie. The herb is known to decrease blood sugar levels, as well as create a helpful tonic that eases poor circulation. Some people like slipping in the herb with their daily meals. Imagine sprinkling powdered cinnamon on a slice of toast with hot butter.

Motherwort: Use this tonic herb to ease the heart, as well as provide a gentle sedating effect. For the newly retired woman, use motherwort as an herb with restorative powers that revamps the female reproductive organs. It is recommended to take a cup of standard infusion on a regular basis.

Basil: When looking for an effective tonic to make the transition into retirement a bit easier, consider basil, which is viewed in India as a potent tonic that assists spirituality. It is said that this tonic can promote a clear head, compassion, and faith. It is suggested to take 5 milliliters of juice each day.