Ancient Herbs and Vitamins for Middle-Aged Men

With unexplainable aches and pains creeping up out of the blue and the threat of a mid-life crisis, some middle-aged men take a good look in the mirror and need a bit of improving. Just when you think that your youth is slipping away from you, consider the power that herbal treatments can give you. To battle the depression, stress, and dealing with success that comes with finally becoming a responsible adult , take a look at the following herbal remedies for middle-aged men.

Preventive natural treatments consisting of ancient herbs, vitamins and minerals can help a middle-aged man stay on track towards enjoying his health as he gets older. A couple of selections to consider include:

Linden Flowers: If you are the type of worker that tackles an executive position day in and day out, the everyday stress can surely wear on your body and mind. In order to combat stressful moments while on the job, linden flowers have a reputation for promoting a more relaxed state of mind, as well as lessening your chances of suffering arteriosclerosis. It is suggested to drink a cup of standard infusion on a routine basis.

Beta-Carotene: Also known as vitamin A, beta carotene is quite valuable when it comes to preventing cancer. When thinking of including the supplement into your daily regimen of care, consider taking up to 20,000 IU each day. Some people opt to eat tons of carrots instead. However, it is important to note that excessive amounts of vitamin A can produce a toxic effect.

Oats: When depression looms, consider the properties of oats, which not only lowers depression levels, but also decreases cholesterol levels. While you can always eat oatmeal for breakfast, some people like to take 5 milliliters of oat tincture on a daily basis instead.

Garlic: There are many different ways to use garlic to benefit the body, but for the middle-aged man, consider the cholesterol level-reducing power that garlic provides. If you are prone to infections, garlic can also help by proving antibacterial relief. When cooking your meals, make sure to go heavy on the garlic. Taking two to three garlic pearls on a daily basis is also a great way to treat your body to a bit of TLC.

Vitamin E: Coronary artery disease is a condition that threatens the health of many middle-aged men. Vitamin E has proven to help keep this medical concern away. Take 400 Ius on a daily basis, which can also help treat a poor circulation problem. If you are taking a drug that thins out your blood, like warfarin , you should avoid this particular treatment.

Selenium: When looking to prevent cancer, consider using selenium as one of your lines of attack and preventive care. Selenium will also help reduce your risk of suffering a heart attack.