Ancient Herbs and Vitamins for Parents

From wiping baby bottoms to juggling a full-time job, parents handle quite a bit of tasks in a single day. This is why it is so important for parents to stay healthy, so that they are able to accomplish all of the duties piled high on their plate. To overcome the pressures, time, finances, outside relationships, and parenting, a lot of vital nutrients are lost in the course of a day. This can lead to not only exhaustion and other mood changes, but also medical issues.

Tracing back to ancient times, herbs were used to help settle the mind and promote relaxation of the body. As a result, the entire family was happier because there was less tension on the whole. Sometimes it helps to know how to prevent ailments before they get started by using herbs to keep your body and mind on a healthy path. Below is a collection of herbs, vitamins, and minerals to consider:

Lemon Balm: Besides being able to soothe the digestive system, lemon balm is also helpful as an antidepressant. During the cold and flu season, it can keep postnasal issues at bay. It is suggested to drink a cup of standard infusion on a daily basis.

Linden Flowers: Just when you feel the start of your nerves fraying at the ends, consider linden flowers as a way to calm down a stressful situation. Additionally, the flowers possess the power to lessen your chances of suffering atherosclerosis , the hardening of the arteries. Take one cup of standard infusion two to three times daily to see results. Some people have commented that adding a bit of peppermint helps to ease the taste.

Evening Primrose Oil: This herbal treatment contains essential fatty acids that can ease the irregular behavior of a menstrual cycle. For several months, take a daily supplement that consists of 250 to 500 milligrams.

Vitamin E: If you’ve been told to lower your cholesterol levels, look towards vitamin E to help you out. Taking 300 to 600 IU on a daily basis will make a difference, especially if you’re a young parent just starting out with your first-born.

Magnesium: If you are a parent that is susceptible to premenstrual tension, take 400 to 800 milligrams daily, which especially helps mothers who aren’t following the best of diets.

Iron: Menstruating mothers and vegetarians usually don’t get the daily recommended amount of iron that they’re supposed to. It is suggested to take up to 40 milligrams of iron each day. You may also incorporate the following items into your diet to increase your iron levels: egg yolk, legumes, parsley, watercress, whole wheat bread, liver, and shellfish.

Marjoram: Before settling into a nice warm bath, consider adding two to three drops of marjoram oil to counter a stressful day or tiredness.

Sweet Almond Oil: If you are tired and stressed out, encourage a restful night by adding 5 milliliters of sweet almond oil to your bath, which also makes a great massage oil to release tension.