Ancient Indians Had Flying Machines

Flying Aircraft & Nuclear War and Other Strange Occurrences of The Past     


   The Indian Epics,  especially the MAHABHARATA, pick up the thread of

   the tale of devastation and destruction. Atlantis, rather displeased

   at its humiliating  defeat,  deceived   that  they  were  no  longer

   interested in subjugating  the Rama Empire (An Indian  Empire),  and

   decided instead to annihilate the major cities using weapons of mass

   destruction. Sanskrit scholars  could  not comprehend what was being

   described in the Epics until the dropping  of the first atomic bombs

   on Japan. There are AUTHENTIC VERSES from the Indian Epics:

      “Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana (fast aircraft)

      hurled a single projectile (rocket) charged with the power

      of the Universe (nuclear device). An incandescent column of

      smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose with

      all its splendor.

      It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic

      messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race

      of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

      The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable.

      Hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause,

      and the birds turned white.

      …After a few hours all foodstuffs were infected…

      …to escape from this fire the soldiers threw

      themselves in streams to wash themselves and their


                                           ÄÄ The Mahabharata

   Indeed, this story is said to be nearly 24,000 years old! If this is

   true than we are not the most advanced. As the Bible says “There is

   nothing new under   the   sun.”  Evidence  for  Atlantis   is   well


   If the above was not enough to convince your let me take you in

   deeper into this nuclear war:

      “(It was a weapon) so powerful that it could destroy the earth

       in an instant ÄÄ A great soaring sound in smoke and flames ÄÄ

       And on its sits death…”

                                           ÄÄ The Ramayana

      “Dense arrows of flame, like a great shower, issued

       forth upon creation, encompassing the enemy…

       A thick gloom swiftly settled upon the Pandava hosts.

       All points of the compass were lost in darkness.

       Fierce wind began to blow upward, showering dust and gravel.

      Birds croaked madly… the very elements seemed disturbed.

      The earth  shook,  scorched  by the terrible violent heat of this


      Elephants burst into flame and ran to and fro in a frenzy…

      over a vast area, other animals crumpled to the ground and died.

      From all  points  of  the compass  the  arrows  of  flame  rained

      continuously and fiercely.

                                           ÄÄ The Mahabharata

   The Ramayana and  the  Mahabharata seem like science  fiction.   Not

   only did aircraft exist such as Vimanas and Vailxi (as the Atlantian

   craft are called),  they  had  nuclear  weapons. There seems to be a

   fear of educating the worlds people  about  the  distant past.  Even

   empires and leaders of China’s past to Christians  to  Arab  peoples

   would destroy history  in  such  a way that records of there amazing

   cultures and events are nearly all  wiped  out. Indian Epics however

   are still with us intact. Records of South American  history all but

   gone.  Fear, and  other  factors have removed most of history before

   5,000 years. Some only 1,000 years  ago. In the America’s just 300 –

   500 years all  most all lost! Today, perhaps some  UFO  records  are

   going the way of fears gate! However, again a few stories live on.

   In another amazing  Indian  text  the  Agastrya  Samhita  gives  the

   precise directions for constructing electrical batteries:

           “Place a well-cleaned copper plate in an earthenware vessel.

           Cover it first by copper  sulfate  and  then  moist sawdust.

           After that put a mercury-amalgamated-zinc sheet on top of

           an energy known by the twin name of Mitra-Varuna. Water will

           be split  by  this current into Pranavayu and  Udanavayu.  A

           chain of one hundred jars is said to give a very active

           and effective force.”

                                           ÄÄ Agastya Samhita

                                              (Indian Princes’ Library)

   By the way,  MITRA-VARUNA is now called cathode-anode, and Pranavayu

   and Udanavayu are to us oxygen and hydrogen. This document again

   demonstrates the presence of electricity  in  the  East,  long, long

   ago.  In the  not  so distant past strange events  are  recorded  in

   Europe’s past.

   At Mount Cassino in Italy there is a large and heavy stone which was

   traditionally lifted by   Saint   Benedict  (A.D.  448-548)  by  the

   neutralization of gravity.  This stone  was intended for the wall of

   the monastery being  built at that time. The stonemasons  could  not

   budge it. However, Saint Benedict made the sign of the cross on the

   block, and while  the  seven  men  who  could  not lift it looked in

   amazement, he raised it alone without  any effort.  If this is true,

   than its evidence of God’s hand at work!

   Even stranger is this: King Ferdinand I was a host  to Saint Francis

   of Paula (1416-1505)  in  Naples.  Through  a  half-opened  door  he

   witnessed the monk in meditation,  floating  high above the floor of

   his room.

   Again in the fairly long ago past in China Emperor Cheng Tang (1766

   B.C.), ordered Ki-Kung-shi  to  construct  a  flying   chariot.  The

   primeval aviation constructor  completed  the  job  and  tested  the

   aircraft. In flight, reaching the  province  of Honan. Subsequently,

   (from fear) the vessel was destroyed by imperial edict as Cheng Tang

   feared the secret of its mechanism might fall into the wrong hands.

   If one looks at the past he can foresee and even change the future.

   Will we be  faithful  to  God  as  the  saints and lift  objects  or

   ourselves by Gods  power?  Will we ever come to full out Nuclear War

   as the people of Atlantis and Rama 24,000 years ago?

   Will we build  Flying Chariots (Flying  Saucers)  and  destroy  them

   because we fear into what hands they will fall?  What will man do to

   destroy his past, present or future?  I leave that  question  up  to


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