Animal Superstitions , Fish and Frog

When the seasons change, new creatures emerge to take over and during the springtime , butterflies start to take flight. If the first butterfly that you lay your eyes on is white, you will experience good luck for the rest of the year. Other animal superstitions found in this article include frogs and fish, like the old wives tale, which states that you should allow a frog to enter your house, as it is a sign of good luck.


In the past, frogs (and their cousins , the toad) were viewed for their peculiarity. This is why they are often used for healing charms and other rituals. While it’s a known thought that toads cause warts, some cultures used the frog to cure the condition by rubbing the amphibian across the skin eruptions. In the country, it was not unheard of for frogs to be used as a treatment for thrush. Some people inserted the head of a live frog into the mouth of a patient. It was the belief that the creature had the power to draw away the disease and contain it within its own body. Place the dried body of a frog inside a silk bag and hang it around your neck to prevent an epileptic (or similar condition) attack.

When it came to enhancing the magic in the bedroom, the frog was seen as a beneficial creature. One tale speaks of a young lady whose lover was not being faithful to her. She stuck pins into a live frog and then buried the animal in the ground. As a result, it is said that the young man underwent extreme pain and in the end, made his way back to the girl. She dug up the frog and removed the pins, which caused the pain to vanish. The two wind up marrying one another , possibly due to his fear of what she was actually capable of achieving with her scorned heart.


If you’re an avid fishermen, take heed to the superstition that states you should toss back the first fish you catch so that you will enjoy a prosperous outing for the rest of the fishing trip. Another fishing superstition says you shouldn’t count the number of fish you’ve caught on a trip until you’re done for the day because you run the risk of not catching anymore. According to some fishing towns, it’s a bad sign to get married when the fish aren’t biting. To ensure good luck and safety, it is said that a fish should always be consumed from the head towards the tail.

Commonly known in African American circles, a dream consisting of fish means that someone you know is expecting a child , as seen in the movie ‘Soul Food’ where the matriarch of the family believes her daughter was the ‘fish’ she dreamed of when it’s revealed that she is pregnant. While fishing on the sea, you shouldn’t utter the word ‘pig’ or you will run into a spell of bad luck.