Animals of Chinese Zodiac: Dragon and Snake

The Dragon and Snake are yang-yin pairs that are both connected to the mysterious. While the Dragon has characteristics of a showman, the Snake is often known as a mystic. In this article, you will learn about some of the characteristics associated with these two signs.

The Dragon

Success seems to follow people born under the sign of the Dragon. It might be their enthusiasm that plays a role in the progress they often enjoy in life. They are often blessed with the gift to be inspiring to others. Common characteristics of Dragon people include intelligence, imagination, liveliness, and independence.

Dragon people tend to be attracted to the exotic and unusual things in life. It is not uncommon to find a Dragon personality fascinated with the supernatural.

Rats, Monkeys, and other Dragons make suitable companions for the Dragon. One thing to be on the lookout for is that they do not like being forced into a routine, which could spell trouble in a relationship. It’s not easy to get along with a Dragon and when you’ve really rubbed them the wrong way, they are known to make awful enemies. Dragons are also known to become very supportive and helpful friends if they are permitted to take the lead. Watch out for arrogance and pride to get in the way. Dogs especially bump heads with Dragon personalities. They may also have issues with Horses and Sheep.

The Dragon Year is one that brings creativeness and innovation to the forefront. If you are involved in religion or art, this is a time to take advantage. Are you considering taking on a project with high risk? This could be your opportunity to strike. Success may not be that far off.

The Snake

With a deep-thinking personality and full of wisdom, Snake people typically use many different factors to their advantage when they wish to succeed in life. They use any connections they have made and sometimes manipulate others for their benefit. While they tend to be secretive in their own affairs, Snake people are always up for good gossip on others. They also satisfy their curiosity by investigating subjects that have piqued their interest.

While they are critical of others, they also critique their own situation. However, beware of their devious streak and their tendency to hold grudges. This doesn’t fare well for Pigs, Monkeys, Horses, and most Tigers, who often bump heads with Snake people. The best connections are made with Rooster and Oxen. Love matches should prepare for a sensual mate, who may have a jealous streak.

Similar to the Dragon, the Snake enjoys mystery in their life. Often times, they dabble in psychic and the mystical. Other characteristics of the Snake include being graceful, drawn to luxury, and shy from being showy.

The Snake Year can bring devious intentions and actions that are less than desirable. Success can be achieved if an individual remains calm. Relationships tend to become prone to scandals and disagreements during this time period.