Anomalous Pictures Can Be Deceiving

Most people who are curious about the unexplained are more convinced by pictures or movies. Many think, if it can’t be photographed, it certainly isn’t real. Those people obviously do not understand the powerful forces that make this world churn.

There are many things that are “real” that the human eye or camera can’t see. Love is one of them.  Just about all humans at one time in their life experience the feeling of love. You can’t physically see “love” but it certainly does exist. Another example is wireless signals. The naked eye can not see information being transferred in the air, but it certainly is happening.

Many times an anomalous picture will surface that may or may not depict something unexplainable. You will find thousands of “Orb” pictures around the internet which will all lead to an inconclusive judgment. Was that orb actually a ghostly energy sphere, or was it a humidity drop? If you take a picture on a rainy day, you will most likely have hundreds of orbs in the picture. I have seen many many pictures that the photographer claims orbs are present, actually end up being lights in the background, reflections, humidity, etc. 

Here is a Prime Example of how pictures can be deceiving.

Look Everyone, A Picture of the Lochness Monster!

Upon evaluation of the picture, you can see something in the water. It looks like it has a long  irregular body type, an obvious head section, a snout, and it’s scurrying across the water. This picture must be Truly Unexplainable!

BUT……  The photographer didn’t show you the whole picture. This picture was cut and chopped to only show you the part they wanted you to see

Here’s The Unchopped Picture

Now that you see the whole picture, the picture goes from unexplainable to perfectly rational. Pictures will not ever show the “Full Story”. The next time your looking for answers on anomalous topics, take the pictures in vain, and collect other evidence. Unfortunately there are deceptive people in this world who like to fool readers and vulnerable people.

I do agree this world is “Filled To The Rim” with unexplainable and anomalous happenings, but I also agree each one must be weighed and measured to determine it’s authenticity